Cable to Satellite to Cable - Television Migration

By: Julia Hall

Undoubtedly over a course of several years, many people have changed television service

providers - cable to satellite and back to cable again. , with its early beginnings in 1963, is now the top leader in cable

technology and television services in the world. Continuing exploration and development

of digital technology enable Comcast to provide innovative programming and more choices

via television, telecommunications, or internet services. Their main interest is in

enabling people to remain connected with family, friends, and business associates.

Cable television altered home entertainment for the better years ago and was beginning

to see the migration of many customers to satellite television services. Advances in

technology have permitted Comcast and others to compete technologically, and now there

are no services offered by satellite companies that are not also offered by Comcast.

They go a step further and offer the quickest internet connections, the clearest phone

connections, and the best digital television services on the market today. They have

succeeded in being a step ahead of others with millions of people switching back to

digital cable delivery for all their home technology needs. There is very little

difference, if any, in the charges for television, internet, and telephone services

delivered via cable vs. satellite, but there is a big difference in the quality of

services. Comcast provides exceptional customer service in addition to the quickest

internet connection rates, the greatest number of television channels, and clarity of

telephonic communications - all at one great low monthly price. Service bundling is the

current trend in the United States, and this is ideal for the budget-minded consumer who

desires to write one check per month for all basic services. It is a time-saver and a

money-saver because Comcast can work with other companies to provide an excellent

monthly rate for their customers. The quality and delivery of television programming has

improved drastically with digital delivery. Imagery is excellent with accompanying

CD-quality sound, and Comcast offers more than 275 channels of popular programming in

incremental packages. Each package includes all local channels, news, sports, movies,

children's entertainment, music, and more. There is something to interest each member of

the family plus the availability of HD programming and On-Demand (similar to

Pay-Per-View). On-Demand has the distinct feature of the viewer being able to stop the

program and resume or rewind without losing a second of the show. The On-Screen Program

guide is a great help in perusing channels for program choices, and the Parental Control

Guide enables one to have complete control over what and when a program is viewed in the

home. Simply block unwanted programming using ratings, titles, content, times, or dates.

Internet accessibility is always ON and is a hundred times faster than DSL or dialup

connections. It provides complete website accessibility plus all the capabilities to

download music, movies, data files, photos, and more. Comcast offers PC protection from

Spyware and Adware plus additional software to eliminate identity theft and other

intrusions into personal information. Telephone plans provide great incentives - local

and long distance calling within the United States and Canada for one flat monthly rate

plus international calls at fees lower than other providers. Digital telephone services

result in clearer person to person connections/conversations.

Comcast is providing millions with reasons to revert back to cable television services.

If you is in search of quality and more affordable services, Comcast cable is the

provider of choice. The old saying of 'what goes around comes around' is certainly true

with . They have been there, done that, and are

still providing exceptional services.

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