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Indonesia » Bali » nightlife » Bars and Pubs » Kama Sutra Bar
Kama Sutra Bar
by: Galuh Wulandarie

Kama is the enjoyment of certain objects by the five senses (hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling), together with the mind and soul. Sutra signifies text. Therefore, Kama Sutra means Aphorisms on Love. The Kama Sutra Club might have taken inspiration with this ancient writings, which states that efforts must be taken to achieve and accomplish one’s desires. And if your heart’s desire is to have an evening of revelry, then Kama Sutra may have just the thing for you.

Drive along the Pantai Kuta Street , where you will find a large Indian-style casa to your right, right across the Kuta Beach . A large billboard looms over the parking area, announcing the night’s performance. Soft yellow lights illuminate the club entrance. Large picture windows with velvet drapes and lotus ponds on both sides of the main entrance complete the look of a grand mansion somewhere in India . You will have to shell out Rp50,000 – Rp100,000 depending on the drinks you order.

Grand pillars support this two-storey club, wherein all the action takes place on the lower level. More laid-back crowds can proceed upstairs and unwind at in one of the several pool tables provided by the club. A spacious dance floor right in front of the stage lets patrons to get down and really groove to the music.

Kama Sutra has a roster of live bands from all over the world that provide world-class entertainment. And at Kama Sutra, they take the phrase “from all over the world” seriously. The last time I was there, I witnessed the performance of a group comprised of a Filipino, Indonesian, American, Colombian, and an Englishman. Expect chart toppers and frequently requested songs like Black Eyed Peas’ Where is the Love , Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry, or The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love to be on their playlists. Frequently, these songs are arranged to sound uniquely their own .

Kama Sutra’s regular performers also include famous Indonesian singers and bands; Dewi Sandra, Agnes Monica, Ungu, and Sheila, among others. If you happen to come during special events, expect to be outnumbered by sophisticated Balinese teenagers, who spend their Fridays and Saturdays at Kuta. Crowds troop in until way after midnight. A night at the Kama Sutra is really a feast for the senses.

Kama Sutra
Jl Banjar Pande Mas (Pantai Kuta), Kuta, Legian, Bali , Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 761 999
Fax: +62 361 761660

About The Author

Galuh Wulandarie, Writer, Indonesia, Bali
Achieved her bachelor degree in Communication science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Galuh Wulandarie is a seeker in adventure. Having worked in Bandung and Bali to start her journey, now she finds her true passion writing articles for Streetdirectory Indonesia  and so her journey continues.

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