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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Tabanan » Overview of Tabanan
Overview of Tabanan
by: Celestine

Tabanan district (899.33 km²) is one of the 8 districts/1 city that have the characteristics of an agricultural community. Administratively Tabanan regency is divided into 8 subdistricts, 10 administrative villages, 103 villages, 663 sub-villages, 663 environments, and 374,129 people with a growth rate of 0.71%.

This regency comprises of two main regions, the mountains towards the north and the lower plains in the south. In the mountainous areas of the north also lies Bali’s second highest mountain, Mount Batukau. It is covered in dense tropical jungle. Geographically, Tabanan is centrally located between Badung Regency in the east and Buleleng Regency in the north, Jembrana Regency in the west and Indonesian ocean in the south. This regency also has some many tourism attractions such as Tanah Lot Temple and Klating Beach, Soka Beach, Bedugul, Alas Kedaton etc.

Besides relying on the income generated from the agriculture and tourism sector, the Tabanan regency also counts on the small industry and handicraft sector. In the year of 2000 alone, there are reportedly 154 units of industries; sectors such as ceramic, iron/metal crafting, wood carving, coconut shell, plating and textile.

Some of the attractions in Tabanan includes Tanah Lot, Begedul, Pura Luhur Temple, Jatulawih and many more. Click for more information on Tabanan Attractions


  • Baturiti
  • Penebel
  • Pupuan

  • Marga
    The battle that was held here in Marga on the 20th of November 1946 is known throughout history as the most heroic struggle against the Dutch during Bali’s fight for independence. Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai and 94 other Balinese men were tragically killed after showing real courage in the face of the Dutch superior weapons and great numbers.

    Today, a tall monument stands quietly in the village of Marga with a famous letter by Ngurah Rai refusing to surrender unto death, inscribed on it. This memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle field fighting for what their freedom. Each year on a special date, a memorial march and service are held there.

  • Selemadeg

  • Kerambitan
    In the southwest region of Tabanan is the subdistrict Kerambitan. This village used to be a minor court attached to the Royal family of Tabanan. Thus, it has two Puri palaces in elegant architecture, pavilions laid out in a row of big courtyards. The place is still unaffected by modernization and is particularly noted for its old beauty. Kerambitan itself is untainted by time and well known for its old buildings.

  • Tabanan City
    Tabanan City is the capital of the Tabanan regency. It is a busy, growing town with a long main street filled with shops and restaurants. There is a huge market that only comes alive in the evenings suddenly on an empty street, but it disappears before dawn.

  • Kediri

  • Selemadeg Barat

  • Selamadeg Timur

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