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The Shaft On Your Golf Driver Is What?
by James Langmead. The LOFT on your Driver needs to be matched to your swing speed, your golf ball and your swing type (did you strike the ball with an ascending or descending blow).Many of you will also know that your launch angle with your Driver is also linked to t...
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The Golf Ball And Your Handicap
by James Langmead. For the regular golfer the news on the modern golf ball is all good. The ball doesn't slice or hook anywhere near as much as it did 15 years ago and it goes a lot further. But why hasn't the average club member's handicap dropped. The answer is almo...
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The Benefits Of A Golf Swing Analyzer
by D Fraser. Are you looking to give yourself an edge in the game of golf over your friends. Continually slicing or hooking the ball in the woods on the first tee? A golf swing analyzer is specifically for finding those minute points of your swing mechanics that...
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Fixing Your Golf Slice...Finally
by Mike Pedersen. Fixing your golf slice can be a big pain in the "you know what!" If you're a slicer of the ball, you know firsthand how frustrating it is to cure this wicked swing fault.I'll bet you've tried everything right? Lessons. Videos. Books. The Golf Chan...
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Golf in Dublin
by Steve Danzel. Lush green fairways, eye-catching views, state-of-the-art training facilities, wide area, bright sky, fine trees, and excellent weather... all these features combine to make an idea
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Golf Club Components Explained
by John Pawlett. To understand how to buy golf club components, you first need to know how these parts work and what they are in the first place. So let's begin in this way. If you know the parts already, treat this portion as a short review of Golf 101.The GripFirs...
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The Golf Tourney : The Company Team Social
by Syd Z. Nohcud. You may have wondered if your golfing predecessor existed. Was there such a person who also thought up the concept of a golf tournament for an easy day off and a chance to beat the pants off your superior?How did golf tournaments come about / what i...
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Golf and Health go Hand in Hand
by Michael Stollery. Golf in the main is a gentle and, most of all, a very good sport for our bodies. Playing regularly provides the body with an overall work out, which in a short space of time is evident in our physical appearance. A number of health benefits from pla...
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Learning Good Golf Swing Mechanics
by D Fraser. We all want to have more power in our golf swing. Want to see that ball go sailing off the tee straight down the fairway a couple of hundred yards. Now of course we've all also seen someone consistently do that at a course on Sunday afternoon, so ef...
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How Important Is Golf Swing Instruction
by Mike Pedersen. Golf swing instruction can make or break your golf swing. From the wrong source, it can ruin your golf swing. From the right source, it can transform it.On the net, everyone thinks they are a golf pro. Just visit a golf forum, and you'll see every...
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How To Choose A Golf Bag
by Cathy Peterson. Whether you are a beginner or a pro when it comes to playing golf, every golf enthusiast knows that next to the clubs the kind of golf bag you will be using is also important. You might be asking how a golf bag could affect your game directly. It do...
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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations Combine Golf with Family Fun
by Mike Pedersen. Myrtle Beach golf vacations offer you a resort based golf holiday that is smack in the center of the 60 mile stretch of beach in Carolina that is known as the Grand Strand. With its hotels, night life and fabulous beach facilities, what else could ...
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Ireland Golf Vacations Combine Golf, Whiskey and Fishing
by Mike Pedersen. Irish golf vacations combine a golfing experience in two countries: Eire, or the Irish Republic, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. However, you would not notice by the welcome you will receive in each part of the island. ...
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Pinehurst Golf Vacations Offer More than Just Golf
by Mike Pedersen. Pinehurst golf vacations can offer you a bit more than just playing golf. Although it is not designed to provide the same family entertainment that Myrtle Beach is capable of, Pinehurst offers a choice of golf schools and a choice of entertainment ...
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Hilton Head Golf Vacations Provide Everything You Could Ask For
by Mike Pedersen. If you are stuck for a vacation this year why not try one of the many Hilton Head golf vacations on offer, at the southern end of South Carolina. Combine a great climate with a marvelous golfing and seaside vacation that nobody in your family will ...
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Golf and Loire Valley Chateaux - Can a Holiday Get Any Better
by Corina Clemence. France, the size of Texas, is the largest country in Western Europe. Its geographical and cultural diversity is a tourism magnet that calls to be explored time and time again. The Loire Valley offers such a variety of exceptional sites where repute...
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Try Golf Schools As Alternative Holiday Venues
by Mike Pedersen. Have you ever considered golf schools as potential venues for your annual vacation? Or even for a short winter break? Some lucky people have a vacation in the spring, summer fall and winter, but most only have the one or perhaps two. Why not make on...
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Tips On Buying Your First Set Of Golf Clubs
by Thomas Cash. Before buying your very first set of golf clubs, keep these important ideas and tips in mind.First, try to understand how often you will be playing the game. If your only intention is to play a couple of times a year in the company scramble or bette...
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A Good Drive is 70% of Your Golf Game
by Dave Zegers. Driving is the most important aspect of golf, a good drive can win or loose a game for you, and it is all about grip, position of you to the ball and concentration, here are some tips for a good drive Well-timed grip is important in driving. If you ...
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Golf Tips and Tricks- Improving Your Grip
by Stanley Amazan. The placement of your hands on the golf club believe it or not has a lot to do with your golf game. Holding the club can vastly improve your game providing you follow these tips. You will notice a difference. The first basic understanding is that th...
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Golf Swing Teaching Aids Friend Or Foe
by D Fraser. Amateur golf players are generally always looking for one thing, how to improve their game in a hurry. Exactly how can you accomplish this? There's really only one way to do this and it's with a good training schedule and the right golf teaching aid...
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Florida Golf Schools Provide Year Round Sun With Great Coaching
by Mike Pedersen. Nobody can say that Florida golf schools don't deliver. With that great climate and all these fantastic golf courses how could they fail? Nor can anybody claim that they can't do with a bit of golf coaching. Everybody could do with getting the once-...
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Not All Arizona Golf Schools Use Desert Courses
by Mike Pedersen. If you are looking for somewhere nice and warm to play golf in the winter, Arizona could be the place for you. Arizona golf schools provide excellent facilities for you to combine a short break from home and work with some much needed winter tuition...
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Top 10 Golf Courses in Naples Florida
by Drew23. It’s easy to see why Naples, Florida is one of the world’s top destinations for golf enthusiasts. Amateur and professional golfers are drawn to Naples’ sunny skies, warm climate, and
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How to Keep Your Golfing Scores Low the Right Way
by Stanley Amazan. One way to lower your golf score is to keep your swing smooth and follow through like you are swinging baseball bat. You have to find your rhythm and incorporate that into the swing. You may see other players swings and they are choppy and jerky, th...
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