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Connecticut Foreclosure Law Summary
by Alexander Thomas. In Connecticut, only judicial foreclosure is conducted.What is the processing period for foreclosure in Connecticut?Normally processing period is of two months in Connecticut.Is there any right of redemption in Connecticut for foreclosure? No, there...
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Affordable Massachusetts Foreclosure Listings
by philip smith. Where can a buyer needing a family home right now, this quarter of this year, find the most affordable of homes in Massachusetts Foreclosure Listings? Since choices are always limited at the bottom of the real estate ladder, where does the buyer sta...
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Utah Foreclosure Homes are Little More Than Pebbles in the Pond
by philip smith. Ripples have been made by one or two luxury homes joining the small fleet of Utah Foreclosure Homes, enough to raise awareness that the valley cannot be sheltered by the fallout from the nationwide housing market slump forever.Along the Wasatch Fron...
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Buying to Hold Southfield Foreclosure Homes
by philip smith. Don't overlook Southfield foreclosure homes as an excellent way to get you where you want to be, lovingly restoring your own home rather than paying the landlord. What will your money buy as prices slump but financing gets tougher?In recent years, h...
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Buying the Best in Jacksonville Foreclosure Homes
by philip smith. In many streets in North side numerous sheriff sale placards now mark out Jacksonville foreclosure homes for all to see.Jacksonville has foreclosure rates that are among the highest nationwide. Foreclosures have increased significantly as the rate o...
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Indiana Foreclosure Listings
by philip smith. Increasing numbers of low cost residential housing swelling Indiana foreclosure listings mean your first investment can likely be made for less than that you might spend on a family car or renovations to your current residence.Investing in a single ...
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Foreclosure Listings; an Essay on How to Get the Best From Them
by philip smith. Foreclosure Listings are a valuable resource for the buyer who knows that right now, going into the winter and holiday season, is an excellent time to buy well.The housing market is said to be 'correcting' nationally, in some states a 'slump' cannot...
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Foreclosure Listings Help Sort Out the Complexities
by philip smith. Vital and so valuable; those are the essentials offered up by foreclosure listings services. Yes, it's all a matter of public record and some drive-by research; maybe a photo or two and you could get it yourself. If you take that approach the best d...
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Foreclosure Homes for the Fainthearted
by philip smith. Their profile looms larger, foreclosure homes are coming out of the shadows to be more of an opportunity as a way to buy your family home sooner than you expected. Just how familiar with investors' gambits do you have to be to buy at a price that me...
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Foreclosure Homes Where Makeover Magic Pays Off
by philip smith. Every step you take to restore your newly bought bargain from among the many foreclosure homes you searched increases its value. But you know that you can't have it both ways. With your first foreclosure investment you took advantage of a buyer's ma...
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Finding Columbias Foreclosure Homes
by philip smith. To all the other superlatives written about this city, you could add that's where Columbia foreclosure homes are the hardest to find. They have found the secret to living well in Columbia; unbelievably low cost housing, great choices in spectacular ...
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Bank Foreclosures and Working the Cycle
by philip smith. To a buyer looking for the first time at the bank foreclosures for sale in his preferred location, it may appear that there is little price advantage. While it is true that in hot sellers' market conditions the banks expect to discount only for any ...
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Assess your Chances of Bargain Bank Foreclosures
by philip smith. There is so much information available right now about REO homes (they include bank owned or bank foreclosures) and most of it implies that with lender inventories loaded, a buyer is bound to get a bargain. While it may be true that an experienced i...
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Atlanta Foreclosure Homes; Going to the Smartest Bidder
by philip smith. In a city with among the highest mortgage default rates in the nation, vacant Atlanta foreclosure homes forlornly await the glance of cautious buyers.Atlanta has been noted as an affordable place, with a busy and vibrant economy. Its problems are th...
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Options to Avoid Foreclosure
by Lisa Phillips.Options to Avoid Foreclosure by: Lisa Phillips In today's market, foreclosures are on the rise. We see reports in the news daily about the risin
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5 Costly Mistakes When Investing in Foreclosures
by Peter Conti.5 Costly Mistakes When Investing in Foreclosures by: Peter Conti Each year thousands of inexperienced real estate investors are drawn to the pro
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For Deals, Foreclosure!
by Kevin Bilberry. The media is full of foreclosure news, and with good reason - foreclosures are up almost 35 per cent this year, with twice as many properties in some areas. With this expanded inventory buyers have more properties to choose from. When a homeowner de...
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7 Reasons to Invest in Pre-foreclosures
by Rick Sarouk.7 Reasons to Invest in Pre-foreclosures by: Rick Sarouk Looking for an 'in' to real estate investing? Working a nine to five job swapping time f
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Seeking Foreclosures Miami For Real Estate Investment
by David Faulkner. Foreclosures in Miami are appealing for a variety of reasons. Some people see them as retirement or vacation homes; others consider them terrific rental or investment opportunities. Buying a foreclosure in Miami for less than its true market value...
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New York Foreclosure Homes
by philip smith. One thing is for certain, the delay in the court system for processing New York foreclosure homes can help some parties involved considerably. The anxious and likely depressed seller of his family home and the nervous yet determined home buyer can b...
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Texas Foreclosure Homes; the Really Affordable Answer!
by philip smith. An answer to your short term needs can be found in Texas foreclosure homes. The word is out, a move south can be the answer to both better job prospects and an affordable lifestyle. Texans have known for some time that growth in the private sector h...
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Riding Out the Storm in Tampa Foreclosure Homes
by philip smith. Along the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane season 2007 includes a welter of Tampa foreclosure homes awaiting new owners. Tampa, the third largest city in Florida, is part of a four county spread including St Petersburg and Clearwater, that is known as the ...
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Some Basic Selling Ploys Can Help to Stop Foreclosures
by philip smith. Isn't it time to give the home owners facing and trying to stop foreclosures a helping hand? So much advice is available (often for free) out there for first time buyers of foreclosures, but what if the home owner has never prepared to sell a house ...
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Foreclosures And The Future
by Julie Jalone.Foreclosures And The Future by: Julie Jalone The SacBee reported on Friday that homeowners are losing their homes at an alarming rate compared t
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Stop Foreclosures; How your Investment Can Benefit a Community
by philip smith. Why get caught in the mob mentality and wait until the passage of timeand the return of price appreciation will stop foreclosures? If ever there was a time for buyers to invest in foreclosure property its now. From the West Coast to the East, in the...
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