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Buying Foreclosures: Getting The Most Out Of Your Investment
by Steve Albright. Heard the news..? Wall Street is down. And it's been caused by the U.S. housing slowdown! Here's what this means for Real Estate investors, millions of Americans are trying to sell their homes, and the latest news from the Mortgage Bankers Associat...
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Early Warning Signs and Prevention Tips for Foreclosures
by N Greene. The best way to deal with a foreclosure is to meet the problem head on. If you are worried that you may be at risk for losing your home, there are several early warning signs that you should pay attention to in order to avoid falling into this trap....
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7 Essential Tips for Buying Foreclosure Properties
by Robert Lam.7 Essential Tips for Buying Foreclosure Properties by: Robert Lam Just quickly, here are seven (7) tips for buying foreclosure properties...Tip
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Tips on Buying Reos: Bank Owned Post Foreclosures
by Craig Gleason. Homes that are acquired by a bank from foreclosure are called REOs: real estate owned. These are properties that have gone back to the mortgage company in the aftermath of an unsuccessful foreclosure auction. You might ask, "Why would an auction on ...
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Buying Foreclosures: Deal or No Deal?
by R. L. Fielding. Buyers and would-be investors often look to foreclosure sales to find real estate bargains. But newcomers to this market could find some unpleasant surprises if they go in blind. To get the best deal when buying foreclosures, all homes should be tho...
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Banks Difficult to Work With When Atempting to Stop Foreclosure
by Nick Adama. Many foreclosure specialists and mortgage brokers often find it very difficult to work with the mortgage company, especially when a loan is with the foreclosure or loss mitigation department. Getting a call back in a timely manner is near-impossible...
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Hope Now Alliance - Can it Help you to Avoid Foreclosure?
by Mark Hostetler.Hope Now Alliance - Can it Help you to Avoid Foreclosure? by: Mark Hostetler One of the best pieces of advice to come out of this foreclosure/sh
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How Government Makes the Foreclosure Problem Worse
by Nick Adama. With continuing record foreclosure rates, more people, pundits, and politicians are calling for more direct involvement by the government in the market. Freezing rates, punishing banks, and offering rates as low as 0% to borrowers have been proposed...
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Fraudulent Foreclosure help in Denver
by Sharon Klein. A record number of foreclosures have been filed in Denver this year, even higher than the oil industry bust of 1988. Although Denver is attributed with a far lower number of foreclosure homes than many other American cities, it has nevertheless been...
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Governments Role In Foreclosure Crisis and Interest Rates
by Nick Adama. With the possibility of an economy-wide recession becoming clearer every day, and the realization by more and more homeowners that they are experiencing their own personal recession, the outlook for the housing market looks even dimmer than it did e...
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Foreclosures are Occuring All Year Round
by Robert Lam.Why are Foreclosures Like the Superbowl, World Series and Summer Olympics? by: Robert Lam Imagine if the Superbowl, World Series and the Summer
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Tax Liabilities on a Foreclosure Short Sale
by Nick Adama. When homeowners attempt to sell their house for less than the total amount they owe on it, certain tax liabilities may be triggered. This is one of the reasons that every foreclosure victim should carefully consider whether selling their house short...
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You Too Can Cash in on the Pre-foreclosure Market
by Judson Voss. You've probably heard a lot of people saying that the real estate market is a great way to make money and a great way to increase your returns. Well, they are right. There are lots of opportunities in real estate for making profits, everything fro...
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Explain Foreclosure Options to Gain Winning Edge
by Robert Lam.Explain Foreclosure Options to your Seller to Gain the Winning Edge Over your Competition by: Robert Lam How To Explain Foreclosure Options To Y
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Las Vegas Foreclosure: On The Rise And Ripe With Opportunity
by Thomas Bladecki. Areas that experienced a boom during the recent inflation of real estate are not in jeopardy. As property values begin to get back down to where they should have been to begin with there are many homeowners that are facing foreclosure. Prices that w...
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Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosure Real Estate
by Seb Frey. When a bank forecloses, they take ownership of the property, usually in order to resell it in hopes of earning back some of their money. Foreclosures happen because the owner couldn't make the mortgage payments and had to forfeit the property. Bad f...
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Avoiding Foreclosure by Selling your Home First
by Seb Frey. Foreclosure is not something that anyone plans. It often happens as the result of unexpected circumstances, such as a job loss or prolonged illness. Or there may be a variety of factors involved. The end result is that you are faced with losing your...
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President Bush on Foreclosures. Dec 06, 2007
by www.fidelitymutualmortgage.com.President Bush on Foreclosures. Dec 06, 2007 by: www.fidelitymutualmortgage.com The U.S Government is finally taking action to relief homeowners
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Proficient Buying Foreclosure Homes
by Tom Beaty. There is a lot of money to be made from investing in foreclosure homes. Selecting the correct house from the list of distress homes may give you a favorable profit. People frequently invest in real estate because of this reason. In order to do well,...
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How Real Estate Investors Can Help People Facing Foreclosures
by Chris Parks. The main goal of most Real Estate Investors (that I know) is to help people in need. And with today's foreclosure epidemic, more and more investors are being contacted by owners who are facing foreclosure.That being said, here are 10 options that pe...
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Real Estate Investing For Newbies - Intro To Foreclosure Basics
by Chris Parks. By now of course you know foreclosures are at an all-time high in our country. Nevertheless it is another Real Estate Investing niche that has given many people great potential for making money.One of the most important things to remember about fore...
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Techniques of Using Handwriting in Foreclosure Marketing
by Robert Lam.3 Powerful Techniques of Using Handwriting in your Foreclosure Marketing by: Robert Lam 3 Powerful Techniques Of Using Handwriting In Your Forec
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Cleverly Flipping Foreclosure Homes
by Tom Beaty. Investing in foreclosure homes can make you a large amount of money. By selecting the right house from the list of distress homes, you can make a large profit. More and more people invest in real estate for this incentive. You should consider inv...
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Short Sales - an Alternative to Foreclosure
by Linda Landman.Short Sales - an Alternative to Foreclosure by: Linda Landman An Alternative to Foreclosure - Short Sales For those of you who now find yourselv
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Reasons to Avoid Foreclosure
by Terry Trexler. Let's assume for a moment that you are unable to make your mortgage payments. You become a defaulted owner. Now what? Well, typically, your lending institution will foreclose its mortgage. If this happens, not only will you lose your property when i...
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