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Advice for First-Time Homebuyers
by Paige Martin. Buying a home for the first time is very exciting! You get to search for the house of your dreams and envision what it will look like and imagine having all the home features that you have wanted for a long time. And you should get excited! Searchin...
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Some Useful Tips for the First Time Homebuyers
by Sharon Samraj.Some Useful Tips for the First Time Homebuyers by: Sharon Samraj As a first-time homebuyer, you are eligible for many programs obtainable by fin
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Buying Real Estate in a Slow Market
by Stuart Atkinson. The real estate market is one of the most influential factors in the American economy. The price of real estate can drive the rest of the economy up or down dramatically. These fluctuations affect the way that we earn and spend money every day.When ...
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Buying a Home - Three Mistakes to Avoid
by Steve Gillman. Buying a home is often a stressful process, because it is usually the single largest purchase of your life. Even if it isn't your first house, it's easy to make a mistake that costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here are three common mistake...
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Buying Real Estate in New Jersey
by Art Gib. Real estate in New Jersey is as plentiful as flowers in a botanical garden. The large selection of homes for sale does not reflect a mass evacuation of the state though. It merely illustrates that large numbers of people have made their homes in N...
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10 Essential Words For Every Canadian Home Buyer To Know
by Julie Broad. It's fun to read stories about wins and losses in the real estate game. It's motivational and entertaining, but sometimes it's more important to learn some very practical information every real estate investor (or even a home buyer) should know. Her...
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Advantage of a Pre-Approved Mortgage When Buying Real Estate
by John Ash. One of the things that can make shopping for a new home more relaxing is getting preapproved for a real estate loan. A preapproved real estate loan means that you know exactly what price range the houses you are looking at will have to be. Knowing t...
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Top Tips Before Buying a Home
by Craig Berger. The current real estate market is a buyer's market, and a cheap one at that. With all the homes for sale, there is plenty of variety in square footage, style and price range for even the pickiest buyer. Still, even if the time to buy is now, there a...
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Buying Property in Puerto Vallarta
by Tom Budniak. There are many reasons why you should seriously consider buying Puerto Vallarta real estate, but it will ultimately come down to both personal choice and individual circumstances. One thing's for sure, however, before buying, you need to decide wha...
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What to Look for When Buying Real Estate in Waxhaw, Nc
by Keith Lutz.What to Look for When Buying Real Estate in Waxhaw, Nc by: Keith Lutz Buying real estate is a tricky business, and buying real estate in Waxhaw,
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Us Housing Market Sees Shrinking Home Buyers
by Craig Berger. The nation's housing crisis, regrettably, is only worsening as signs of a recession and sky-high food and gas prices crunch into the public's budgets. According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press and AOL Money & Finance, over a quarter of h...
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8 Steps to Determine if You are Ready to Buy Your First Home
by Teri Treadway. With home prices cooling off and apartment rents heating up, is now the time to buy a home of your own? Here are some of the ways to know when it makes sense financially to purchase your first home.The squeeze is on for renters. Apartment rents are ...
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Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Mexico
by Jason Keiller. I recently visited Mexico, and being so impressed with the people, culture and lifestyle of the country, ended up purchasing property, as a foreigner, in Mexico. I was impressed with the professionalism of the Mexico Real Estate Agents...
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The Pros and Cons to Buying a Home Versus Buying a Condo
by Adil Esmail. Being able to say you own a home is something special, but it is not for everyone. There are pros and cons to buying a home versus buying a condo. What may be for you may not be for someone else. It just depends on what type of person you are and...
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Realtor: Your Novel Guide to the Best Home Purchase
by Wain Roy. The search for a new home often becomes troublesome when you venture into a new locality. For this reason, seeking the help of a realtor is often considered a rather novel idea. With the recent boom in the real estate scenario in India, it has becom...
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Latest Industry Trends in Buying Property in NCR
by Matinez. Gurgaon, the national capital region of India, being of sought-after importance is now the most demanding place for residents and corporates alike. Over the years it has been the addresses of the low-profile people and industries. But when it comes ...
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How Canadians & Other Foreign Nationals Can Buy Homes in Florida
by Keith Junor. Well, the Canadians as well as other Foreign Nationals are back and buying homes here in Florida. I have met with several Canadians and showed them a lot of condos on the beach and the biggest questions have been:1. What type of loans do we qualify ...

5 Common Mistakes of First-time Buyers
by Jeffrey Caulfield. You have been saving for a while, driving through neighborhoods, looking on the Internet... Finally, you decide to take the plunge and buy your first house. It can be an exciting process but also a very stressful one all at once. Here are some commo...
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Buying Your First Home
by David Hitt. You have some important things to consider when searching for the perfect home to buy in the San Fernando Valley. It can be a distressing task to sort through all of the homes on the market as well as deciding on what neighborhoods in which to focu...
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Buying Property Abroad - a Beginners Guide
by Keith McGregor.Buying Property Abroad - a Beginner's Guide by: Keith McGregor For many buying property abroad, a mixture of both these factors may be of most i
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Everyones Buying Property Abroad
by Keith McGregor.Everyone's Buying Property Abroad by: Keith McGregor Now it seems wherever I turn there are more and more people buying property abroad. Whether
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Benefits of Building and Buying Homes
by Sharon Samraj.Benefits of Building and Buying Homes by: Sharon Samraj Building a dream house gives you incredible sentimental values and many benefits in the
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Buying Property In Bulgaria
by Gordon Warre. Bulgaria has a Continental climate with short Springs, hot Summers (average temp 20 to 30C), long sunny Autumns and ski resort Winters (average temp 3C but often dropping to -30C). Bulgaria property development is truly the fastest growing real est...
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Maximizing Profits in the Home Buying Season
by Craig Berger. Spring is the traditional time to buy and sell in the real estate business, and while the housing market has not been at its best, this just allows people to take advantage of excellent deals. Whether you are trying to buy property or sell your home...
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Buying Property in Morocco Today
by Pauline Felward. Known as a favourite of bohemians and artists in the 60s and 70s, Morocco has always held some kind is mystique. While the cities of Marrakech and Fez are becoming more popular, the properties and the developments for overseas investing there is ver...
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