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Buying Real Estate in Denver Co During a Housing Slump
by Damon Chavez. Just the other day my partner and I where showing a new client homes in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver CO. The Highlands neighborhood is a very desirable neighborhood in the Denver real estate market, due to the bungalow style homes, urban fee...
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Tips for First-time Home Buyers
by Lee Keadle. Buying a home for the first time can be a very overwhelming experience. After all, we were once first-time home buyers, and we remember buying our first home. Add our personal experiences to the experience we've had helping first-time buyers, and yo...
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Representation and the Home Buying Process in This Market
by Brian Habel.Representation and the Home Buying Process in This Market by: Brian Habel RepresentationMost people just do not appreciate the job of a realtor.
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Seven Secrets to Winning the Home Buying Race
by David Cooke.Seven Secrets to Winning the Home Buying Race by: David Cooke We're in a very strong seller's market here in Calgary! The past few months have b
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Tips on Buying a Home
by Rod Khleif. On average, people who live in the United States move to new homes about every seven years. The process of buying a home leads to a lot of excitement and joy, if you find your dream home and can afford it. Sometimes it could be long and, di...
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The Home Buying Process
by Brian Habel.The Home Buying Process by: Brian Habel Many a home buyer has wondered in the midst of their looking chaos- Is this how it is done because this
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Simple Tips for First Time Home Buyers
by Kinan Beck. "Being a first time home buyer can be both an exhilarating and frightening experience all at the same time. After all, you have probably long dreamed of the day when you would buy your first home. At the same time, purchasing a home is a major com...
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Steps to Buying a Home
by Jen. 1. Decide what kind of home are you looking for. To help your realtor and facilitate your search, it is best to have an idea of what kind of home you are seeking. What kind of neighborhood do you have in mind? Do you have a preference for new constr...
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Tips for Buying Property in France
by Mark Russell. Buy property or real estate in the Limousin - Why I hear you ask - and there are may reasons why you should consider it.. No crime, a sense of community, friendly locals, a good climate and the cheapest properties for sale in France, are just some o...
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Buying Real Estate By Subject To
by Kathleen Couch.Buying Real Estate by "subject To"-part II by: Kathleen Couch This is the second part of the two part series on "Buying Real Estate by
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Home Buyers Dirty Tricks
by Steve Gillman. The good news for sellers is that most home buyers don't know the following tricks. Even if they did, many would hesitate to use them. Some of them are unfair, but some are just good tough negotiating tactics - I'll let you decide which are which. I...
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The Benefits of Buying Real Estate in a Bad Neighborhood
by Escapeso Austin Real Estate. When people call me, typically one of the first requests they make is for a house in a "nice" neighborhood. And this makes sense to want a neighborhood that is safe and enjoyable. But there are some benefits to buying real estate in the rough part ...
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Buying Property in Tavira in Portugal
by Richard Love. The undiscovered gem of the Eastern AlgarveWhen people ask me about Tavira I can honestly say that I sometimes don't really know what to say.Do I tell them about the stunning miles of empty beaches, the fact that the town has its own island just off...
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Real Estate 101: First Time Homebuyers Guide
by Kinan Beck. "If you are going to be buying real estate for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. Indeed, there's a lot to learn. Of course, you'll work with a professional real estate agent who can help you to understand the process, but you should...
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Buying your First Home - Watch Out!
by Steve Gillman. If you are buying your first home, there are people who will help you get into all types of trouble. Well, mostly it is one type of trouble: financial. Here are some examples.Watch Out For Real Estate AgentsYou might think that real estate agents wo...
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Home Buying: Important Aspects
by Adam Coyle. In buying a home there are certain un-escapable things that will need to be seen to in order for the sale to finish properly. Some people try to shorten the closing time or save some money by skipping steps of the purchase process and nothing good e...
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Basic Home Buying Tips
by Lee Cameron.Basic Home Buying Tips by: Lee Cameron This is intended to be a bit of a primer for the first-time home buyer. Buying a home is a huge decision
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Buying Real Estate Property to Flip
by Joelane. The majority of real estate investors begin by flipping real estate to make quick money. Although it may sound simple to buy properties and sell them at a higher price to make a profit, there are many factors you must consider prior to making any i...
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First Time Home Buyer Guide to Real Estate
by Eric Bramlett. Buying your first home is an occasion which marks a very special passage in your life. You are about to go from being a renter to being a home owner which, in a sense, means that you're going to be 'all grown up'. But when you start going through th...
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Buyers Tips: Intelligent Home Buying
by Reed Brinton. As the U.S. real estate markets shift in favor of the buyer, it is becoming ever more necessary to know your game before purchasing a home. In years past the sellers really controlled the market and we saw rapid jumps in price, bidding wars and some...
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The Science of House Buying
by Ajeet Khurana. Buying a house is quite a demanding task. There are many things which can be bought in a few minutes. Batteries, pens, pencils, and even books and gadgets can be picked up off the shelf within a matter of minutes. However, when it comes to buying ho...
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The Benefits of Using a Realtor to Help you Buy your Home
by Eric Bramlett. Is it possible to go out and buy a home on your own without the assistance of a professional realtor? Sure. But it's not a good idea. Using a realtor to help in buying your home will make the entire process easier and will help to make sure that you...
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Now Is Not A Good Or Bad Time To Buy Real Estate
by Ki Gray. People always ask me if this is a good time to buy real estate. Or they ask me if now is a bad time to buy real estate. I have the same answer for both questions: I don't know. More importantly, I don't care. Don't get me wrong-if you're buying ...
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Where to Get Free Money to Buy a Home
by Dave Dinkel. There are a growing number of home buyers who have found free money to buy a home. These are grant-loans offered by the Community Development Corps (CDC's) which are local government agencies specifically designed to help low income families purchas...
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Guide to Buying Real Estate W/ No Money Down
by Eric Bramlett. "You've heard what appears to be a rumor: it's possible to buy real estate with no money down. Well, you can't stop holding your breath because the rumor is true. You really can buy real estate without putting down a penny but you should know what y...
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