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Lotus Domino and Notes
by Rafel Osipov.Lotus Domino/Notes – Microsoft Great Plains tandem as ERP with Documents Workflow – overview for IT Specialist Microsoft Business Solutions has the whole spectrum of business applications, the good c...
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FInding a Safe Dating Site
Topic : Dating Site & Safe Dating Site : Dating Sites
by Leif Croonquist.Seems like everywhere we surf on the Internet nowadays we run across this little advertisement: 'Free online personals'. They are everywhere, they are dating sites, and more are opening up shop every...
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Sales Versus Customer Oriented Websites
Topic : Customer Oriented Website & Customer Oriented Website
by John F. Wright.Customer oriented websites designed and created with the customer in mind will always outperform sales oriented websites, which often considers the customer as a secondary motivator. Find out what di...
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Upgrading Great Plains Dexterity Customization
Topic : New Technologies : SQL, Crystal & Econnect
by Andrew Karasev.This article is for intermediate Great Plains Dexterity developer. It describes the directions to phase out Dexterity functionality and replace it with newer technologies. Microsoft Great Plains and...
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Great Plains Custom Development
Topic : Customer Development : Dexterity & VBA
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Great Plains is main Microsoft Business Solutions accounting package for the US market. It has multiple customization/modification/reporting tools. Currently there is upgrade campaign to ...
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Great Plains Dexterity Programming – overview for developer
Topic : Dexterity Programming & Great Plains Programming
by Andrew Karasev.Looks like Microsoft Great Plains becomes more and more popular, partly because of Microsoft muscles behind it. Now it is targeted to the whole spectrum of horizontal and vertical market clientele. ...
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Why You Should Switch To A Fast Internet Connection
Topic : Fast Internet Connection & Faster Internet Connection
by Rick Rouse.With high-speed Internet access becoming available in more and more areas, perhaps it is now available in your neck of the woods. If it is, you might be wondering if it makes sense to upgrade from di...
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The Evolution of Technology - The History of Computers
Topic : Evolution of Technology & History of Computer
by Rebecca Blain.While computers are now an important part of the lives of human beings, there was a time where computers did not exist. Knowing the history of computers and how much progression has been made can hel...
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Cisco CCNA Certification
Topic : Cisco CCNA & CCNP Certification : Online Documentation
by Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933.When studying for your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE exam, you’ve got a powerful online weapon at your disposal. It’s Cisco Connection Documentation, found at www.cisco.com/univercd. This site contains p...
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Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Access Integration
Topic : Microsoft Access & Great Plains Integration
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Business Solutions stakes on Microsoft Great Plains as main Accounting/ERP application for US market. At the same time it seems to be staking on Navision in Europe and has Axapta as high e...
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Microsoft Great Plains Implementation
Topic : Microsoft Great Plains : IT Director & IT Controller
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Business Solutions is on the way to popularize it's ERP systems implementation. Right now such products as Microsoft CRM and Small Business Manager (cheap version of Microsoft Great Plains...
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What is Gmail?
Topic : Gmail & G Email : Gmail Email
by Jakob Jelling.Like most other prime search engines, the ability to freely giveaway an email account is a positive tool that signals to the user community that this search engine is here to stay! Google is no diffe...
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What is The Google Toolbar?
Topic : Google Toolbar & Google Toobars : Toolbar for Google
by Jakob Jelling.No matter what browser you may want to use, you should consider using Google’s toolbar. Google.com, the innovative, stripped-down, add-free search engine that has taken the web by storm has provided ...
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What is Froogle?
by Jakob Jelling.Keeping in touch with other sites like Amazon.com, Buy.com and Yahoo.com, Google created a new shopping search tool called “Froogle”. It has been called one of the most innovative price conscious too...

Geterogeneus databases
Topic : Crystal Report & Crystal Reports : Oracle & Unidata
by Andrew Karasev.Crystal Reports is the most flexible tool on the market and it has market recognition. Multiple software vendors offer Crystal Reports as the main reporting tool: Microsoft, Best Software, Oracle to...
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Understanding Google AdWords
Topic : Google Adword & Adword for Google
by S. Housley.Google AdWords Unlike many search engines Google, to its credit, clearly denotes search listings that are paid placement. In fact, Google AdWords appear in a separate section down the left side of th...
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Remote Collaboration Is Now a Service On The Internet
Topic : Remote Collaboration & Service on the Internet : Internet Service
by Paola Musa.Easydesk is a new way to co-operate: a user-freindly instrument for the creation of a “virtual office”, designed for professional use, equipped with all the features and and the services needed to as...
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Successful Internet Marketing Strategies
Topic : Internet Marketing & Internet Marketing Stratergies : Marketing Strategies
by Eric J. Borden.Thinking of starting an Internet business? Maybe you have one and are looking for additional products to sell? Choosing the right business and products are crucial to achieving online success. This i...
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Coping with a Serious Data Loss from your Computer Hard Drive
Topic : Data Loss & Computer Hard Drive : Lossing Data
by Darryl Peddle.Data loss is an expensive reality. It's a hard fact that it happens more often then users like to admit. A recent study by the accounting firm McGladrey and Pullen estimates that one out of every 500...
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Great Plains Dynamics
Topic : Enterprise Upgrade & Overview for Developer
by Andrew Karasev.If you have Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise (version 6.0 or earlier) and support it for your company then you need to know some technical details about Great Plains version upgrade and what is goin...
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Microsoft Great Plains Data Conversion – overview for developer
by Andrew Karasev.Looks like Microsoft Great Plains becomes more and more popular, partly because of Microsoft muscles behind it. Now it is targeted to the whole spectrum of horizontal and vertical market clientele. S...
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Great Plains Accounting Migration
by Andrew Karasev.This is short article, written in question/answer/FAQ style to give IT Specialist/developer/programmer balanced top level information on Great Plains Accounting migration to Microsoft Business Soluti...
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Rules for Achieving Online Success
Topic : Online Success & Success online : Successful Online
by Nowshade Kabir.The Internet brought a great deal of benefits to our life. Access to a lot of free and useful information is, probably, one of the most important out of them. However, this abandon of free informa...
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What Is Wardriving And How Can You Prevent It
by Zackary Anderson.Imagine a car equipped with nothing more than a laptop computer, a portable GPS receiver, and a wireless network card slowly strolls through your neighborhood. Unknown to any onlookers, this is no or...
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Troubleshoot Windows with Task Manager
Topic : Task Manager & Tasks Manager : Manager Task
by Stephen Bucaro.Task Manager is a Windows system utility that displays the tasks or processes currently running on your computer. To open Task Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+Del. The Applcations tab lists the applications ...
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