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Comparison of Nokia 5300 and Samsung P310
by Carlodanie Janee.Mobile guru, Nokia has now come with Nokia 5300, an amazing gizmo with astonishing features. Nokia 5300 is a funky phone with a cool slider spring mechanism. Nokia 5300 belongs to the XpressMusic series, Nokia's answer to Sony Ericsson's Walkman rang...
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Nokia Vs. Samsung Mobile Phones - the Royal Rumble
by Day Kevi.The mobile phone industry in today's world plays host to a torrential assimilation of mobile phones equipped with the latest technological wizardry to make a positive impact in the global market. These mobile phones imbibe the best of the modern tech...
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Nokia N95 and Samsung U600: What Next
by Andrena Markley.After Nokia N95 and Samsung U600, who else in the 5 megapixel run! In this highly evolving communication world, an air of competition is to be found everywhere. After Nokia's grand success in providing sophisticated mobile phones like Nokia N95, its ...
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Samsung G600, Samsung U600, Nokia N95: the Three Musketeers
by Amanda Dorothy.The mobile phone market is getting competitive each passing day. A good number of high-on-features mobile phones have hit the market making communication simpler and pleasurable then ever. Let's take the examples of handsets like Samsung G600, Samsun...
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Samsung G800 and Nokia N95 8gb, Camera Phone Showdown
by Matt Sharp.Let's take a look at 2 stunning cameraphones, the Samsung G800 and Nokia N95 8Gb. The Samsung G800 wears a pretty look carrying a 2.4 inch 262k colour TFT screen with an amazing resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. With such a viewing arrangement, Samsung...
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