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Whatzz Up Singapore ? A Guide on things to do for Singaporeans

Amazing Frontflip with Wheelchair
  This is the Nitro Circus event in Anaheim, California. Viewers’ minds were blown by one simple trick -  a front flip after a launch from the megaramp in a wheelchair. This clearly shows that we set our minds to something, eve ...

GV Vivocity – Singapore’s largest multi-cinema complex unveiled on 7th October
Besides shopping and eating, Singaporeans sure love catching a choice movie that promises them a good two hours of entertainment. Cinema giant Golden Village , or better known as GV, has once again outdone itself by opening the largest Cineplex in th ...

Interesting Snapshots & Map Facts of Singapore
Singapore Roads Oldest Road - Serangoon Road is possibly Singapore’s oldest road, marked on ancient maps as “The Road Through the Island”. Longest Road - Yio Chu Kang Road is the longest road in Singapore, apart from e ...

Silly Dog Flies Into Couch
Back from lunch and about to fall asleep? Have a good laugh to get right back awake!  Slow motion technology is one of mankind’s top technological achievements. You can tell this video is a true masterpiece because, despite being obvi ...

Singapore Acronyms
Some acronyms are just universal. For our sake , and since we are a family website, we shall not dwell into them. But for the lost souls, what is an acronym? It is a word formed from each of the first letters of a descriptive phrase. It is also a typ ...

Vanished Planes

What is Bikram Yoga

What Really Happened To MH370
 This part of the Indian Ocean is only a tiny portion of the present search area - 469,407 square nautical miles of seasickness, about 2253 times bigger than the area of Singapore. The search team is racing to find the black boxes which ...

ZoukOut: Not Your Average Night of Fun
Zoukout is held at Siloso Beach @ Sentosa. ...

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