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Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd
About Us
The inauguration of Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd in 2007 saw the company’s birth from a mere belief in maximizing active involvement within environmental protection in Singapore. Despite limited knowledge about the industry, we set foot in enriching our experience and resources via small scale scrap metal recycling. In the course of expanding our network, the varietal diversification of trade has opened up the multifarious channels and introduced a whole new world of scrap metal recycling to us.

From gentle smaller scale transactions within the neighboring Asian countries, Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd's set of trade connections has extensively stretched into the international market today. Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd is dedicated to procure quality supplies while selling superior products after adequate processing.
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Mild steel Plate rental

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