Business Finder allows users to search for businesses by Company Names and/or Products and Services in Singapore, Malaysia, Penang and USA. In Singapore alone, there are over 138,000 registered Singapore private limited and public companies which are classified into 3500 industries and consumer industrial. The difference between public and private companies is that; A Singapore Private Limited Company is classified as a company where its shareholders has limited liability. Mainly, the liability of the shareholders to creditors are limited to the original capital invested. In the case of insolvency, a shareholder's personal assets are also protected. Company shares of private limited companies, cannot be offered to the general public, unlike those of public limited companies. This is the major distinguishing feature between a private limited company and a public limited company. Users can use this business directory to search for company names, tel numbers, fax numbers, industries and more.
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Certified Accountants (42)
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Serviced Office (512)
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Financial Services
Insurance (731)
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Land Banking (1960)
Stock Broker (42)
Computers and Gadgets
Computer Maintenance Engineer
Computer Security System (29)
Computer Graphics (24)
Multimedia Production (155)
Multimedia Services (51)
Cellular Telephone
Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale (15)
Cellphone Accessories (34)
Cellphone Rental (21)
Handphone Shop (86)
Investment and Insurance
Car Insurance (85)
Health Insurance (73)
Insurance Consultant (47)
Insurance Manager (0)
Investment Advisory Service
Investment Management (365)
Investment Securities (101)
Land Investment (38)
Property Investment (204)
Home Loans (245)
Personal Loans (70)
Loan & Financing Services (132)
Mortgage & Loan Banks (23)
Merchant Bank (67)
Corporate Bank Account (23)
Offshore Bank (85)
Credit Card Plans (21)
Administration and Software
Accounting Software (81)
Bookkeeping Service (221)
Accounting Supplies (15)
Tax Consultant (112)
Software Related
Business Software Solutions (411)
Financial Software (27)
Music Software (5)
Claims Software (13)
Company Administration
Bookkeeping Courses (13)
Business Administration Courses (15)
LCCI Accounting Courses ()
Business Colleges (484)
Printing Firm
Digital Printing (224)
Printing and Publishing (297)
Printing Broker (3)
Printing Equipment (67)
Organization and Consultants
Trade Organization (46)
Fraternal Organization (37)
Cultural Organisation (27)
Labour Organization (14)
Trading Company
Forex Trading (312)
Commodity Trading & Risk Management (302)
Trade Organization (46)
Commodity Trader (340)
Training Provider
Sales Training (16)
Visual Training (7)
Management Training & Development Consultants ()
Management Training (99)
Association Management
Business Management (263)
Estate Management (83)
Retail Management (62)
Security Management (93)
Real Estate and Marketing
Property Agent
Real Estate Appraiser (117)
Real Estate Developer (825)
Real Estate Maintenance Service (106)
Real Estate Consultant (939)
Direct Marketing Campaign
Marketing Consultant (125)
Marketing Service (364)
Mobile Marketing (41)
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Tax Consultant (112)
ISO Consultants (146)
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Digital Printing (224)
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Financial Broker (226)
Foreign Exchange Broker (91)
Security Broker (1354)
Merchandise Broker (15)
Business Consultant
Business Development (54)
Financing Consultants (112)
Franchise Consultant (13)
Publishing Consultant (68)