Coffee Or Tea Time

Nothing says "me time" better than a cup of coffee or tea? A hot, piping cup or mug of the favorite hot beverage alone or with a special friend can seem like an oasis of sanity in the midst of a hectic day. Hot or cold, with some favorite fruit or nut flavors added, can make for a very special time. Both coffee & tea come with caffeine as optional. If you find that caffeine disturbs your sleep or raises your blood pressure, you can opt for the caffeine free version. If, caffeine is not a problem then go for it! Since both coffee & tea contain caffeine naturally, they must undergo a process to remove it. The decaffeination process whether for beans or leaves, takes some of the flavor out of it, so plan to purchase a better grade of coffee when you want the caffeine out.

It’s ironic that the caffeine twins are associated with comfort and relaxation while depressants like beer are considered party beverages. Just remember to save a caffeine-free version of your favored hot drink if you’re likely to take an extra cup. If you don’t want to invest in a better grade of decaffeinated coffee & tea, you can always add a bit of flavor to make up the difference. Check the coffee & tea aisle in the supermarket for flavored stirrers or other ideas. Many people stick to just one or the other while others drink both at different times of the day. A scented pot of coffee is the norm at breakfast time. The aroma is as exhilarating as the coffee itself. Tea makes a nice break in the afternoon, accompanied by a light sandwich.

Coffee & tea are sometimes split up by gender as well as time of day. Coffee is the man’s drink, served with a newspaper while a flowered porcelain pot of tea is the picture of milady’s genteel tastes. In reality, men all over the world prefer strong mugs of tea and there’s no shortage of women who gather for a ladies afternoon with coffee.

Hot or cold, man or woman, flavored or plain, caffeinated or not, coffee & tea are possibly the best part of the day.

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