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If you had been cooking for a while and you are very particular about the right ingredients selection of your favorite recipe, I am sure you understand how good quality water can help to improve the taste of the foods and drinks you served. Often we take it for granted or forget to include water as part of our ingredients in our recipe. Imagine when you serve your food to your guest and it comes with a funny smell like you just get out from swimming pool. You cook your special dishes to impress the one you love, instead he or she is annoyed by the extra odor from the dishes. When you pour the tap water into a clear glass, you notice the tap water is not as clear as it supposed to be but you just can't tell what is the impurities that make it look tainted. If you were to drink the water, it tastes some kind of chemical or rotten stuff.

Those who have the above experiences would truly understand to what extend the quality of water can seriously affect the taste of foods and drinks, but there are much more important factor that you should look into. As we should know, public water supply contain chemicals like chlorine which has been widely used as disinfectant to prevent algae and other organic growth in the swimming pool, and also caused those who have skin allergy problems and asthmatic diseases to worsen off. If you are a health practitioner like me, the quality of water is extremely important in determining the level of your commitment and sensitivity towards the actual health aspect. You can prepare and eat only the healthiest foods ever, but do you know the processes in preparing the foods are equally important as the food's ingredients?

When you get your foods to the kitchen, you need to wash or soak it, and you add water into it during your cooking stage, the plate you going to serve the foods on was washed by using water, during or after the meals, you are going to drink water.......and basically our daily foods and drinks can't do without clean water and it evolve around the kitchen sink. Hence, getting one sink water filter which is able to get rid of the odor and improve the taste of your cooking, elevate your health status by removing harmful synthetic chemicals in the water, is almost a miracle life.

A good under sink water filter must be able to take out lead, chlorine, VOCs, MTBE and chlorine resistant parasites/cysts as well. Preferably come with dual filter system comprises of carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration to produce truly healthy, great-tasting water conveniently from your kitchen tap. If you were to buy a sink water filter with X amount of money and spend an equivalent or more to remodel your kitchen cabinet for the sink water filter installation, that would be a disastrous under sink water filter package. A good sink water filter must besides able to produce the clean and healthy water, be easy to install and cost effectively providing a accessories to fit into most kind of kitchen sink design. The cartridges must be readily available in the market and easy to replace without having to resort to professional plumbers. The sink water filter cartridges should not be too costly to replace which render it not worth while to install one. Besides conveniently able to get clean and healthy water by installing the under sink water filter, we should always look at the health beneficial aspect one sink water filter can bring to our family. The use of sink water filter also benefits the earth because you will buy less bottled water and thus reduce the usage of plastic containers.

The sink water filter is unlike RO water system where a storage tank is needed to store the RO water, and sink water filter do not waste much water like RO water system as well. Comparatively, sink water filter system is much more compact than others and you can choose to install it under the sink or on counter top. Make sure your under sink water filter is equipped with the switch over feature which allow you to interchange between filtered and unfiltered out put of water. One touch switching will be more favorable than a cumbersome multiple switch over system. Beware of uncertified or claimed to be certified manufacturer of this sink water filter; it has got be tested by an impartial qualified third party and not some unknown self-claimed related agency.
With this sink water filter, you are not only able to enjoy good tasty foods and beverages, but are assured of a clean bill of health.

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