Common Ingredients Used In Pizza

Pizzas's brief meaning is:

Pizza is one of the most famous and very popular dishes in all corners of the world. Pizzas cannot be classified under just another type of dish but it is also a symbol of many ancient cultures around the Mediterranean Sea. The pizzas come in various shapes and sizes. Pizzas are generally round in shape and are made of flat baked bread with various types of toppings.

In America pizza is famously called as pizza pie. The pizza can be termed as an oven-baked, flat type of and generally round in shape. The pizza dough is also called as a pizza base or it is famously termed as a crust in America. The most common toppings used on a pizza base are the tomato sauce and cheese.

Some of the most common ingredients used in the pizza are:-
Sausage-Which may be of tomato or Garlic paste. Ketchup is also used as an alternative.
Onions and tomatoes- Fresh slices tomatoes and onions are used very frequently in the pizza.
Herbs and vegetables- Various types of vegetables and herbs are added in order to make the pizza more attractive and delicious.
Cheese- cheese adds to the taste of the pizza and makes it very delicious and tasty. Mozzarella cheese is generally used in the pizzas.

The pizza dough
The pizza dough is made of various ingredients. It is prepared with the help of yeast, sugar, salt etc. Generally it is white in color and is baked while preparing the pizza. The pizza base which is prepared from the dough is also termed as the flat; round shape white bread in a common mans language. The crust of the pizza is of various shapes and sizes. Now a day the crust also has layer of cheese inside it which makes it more delicious.

Types of pizza
It is nearly equal to classify the types of pizzas as the list is a non-ending. However, some of the world famous pizzas are listed below:-

Pepperoni pizza-This type of pizza is made of the classic dough and marinara sauce. This pizza is topped with layer of mozzarella cheese and a layer of pepperoni over it and after that it is kept for cooking.

New York-style pizza- As the name suggests this type of pizza was developed in the New York City, where there is a heavy consumption of pizza. This pizza is a hand-tossed and a moderately covered layer of cheese. It comes in two types the "regular" and the "Neapolitan". The crust of this pizza is circular and is quite thin.

Chicago-style pizza/Chicago-style deep dish pizza- This pizza contains formerly of a thin crust which is formed up the sides of a pan which is like a deep-dish. The layers of the pizza include the crust, cheese, the fillings and finally the sauce on the top of it. Some of the versions of it come with two layered crust of sauce on the top of the pizza. This is one of the most and still a famous pizza found in various parts of the worlds.

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