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Three Monkeys Restaurant
by: Galuh Wulandarie

I shall give three words for Three Monkeys: colorful, intimate, and appetizing!

Colorful: I'm not talking about a place with so many different colors that might get a headache. I'm talking about the varying colors of nature. Once you enter, you'll find various shades of brown, from walnut short bread pears (shaped like pears too!), hazelnut vanilla cream cookies, double chocolate brownies, and many others. Then for the greens look no further, because this restaurant's background is indeed a small square of rice field with several trees in between. The décor is dominated with soft red and golden colored paintings on the wall. If that's not enough to provide a unique experience, the small pond with gold fishes swimming around may nicely do the trick…

Intimate: The Three Monkeys restaurant is located at Monkey forest road, on the right side of the road; about 2 minutes walk from the Café Wayan restaurant. The place is rather small, but you do have the freedom to choose either to sit up front on lounge sofa chairs or at the back with the rice field scenery as company, or maybe you might want to view the main road from the 2nd floor, the choice is up to you. The friendly staffs' demeanour is surely a plus point as well. One of the waiters actually answered in specific detail, all the questions I asked about the cuisines in Three Monkeys in particular and Ubud in general… what a nice fellow!

Appetizing: The most important factor of all, the cuisine. At first, I was with the idea that the food would be mediocre but good; tasty but not too fantastically prepared. I was surprised again and again with each new order. For appetizer, I had the seafood salad. Just minutes later, a big plate of lettuce with prawns, calamari, fish, marinated chili and slices of Balinese orange with lime dressing came my way. Fresh seafood added with the sweet and sour taste of the Balinese orange gives your palate such a different and interesting taste. For the main course, I daringly ordered for myself two large dishes - one western and the other Balinese. The chargrilled tuna, whole meat spaghetti for the western and the tongkol sambal matah and Balinese famous bebek betutu for the other. None of the main courses failed the test. They were excellent! The chargrilled tuna was cooked medium rare and I really enjoyed the white reddish meat. The tongkol sambal matah came with white rice and the ayam betutu with yellow rice. If you have never tasted sambal matah, it is the traditional Balinese chili, chopped red onions and chili finished with lime. As for Ayam Betutu, it is a chicken filled with Balinese herbs and roasted in banana leaf. Most of the main courses might cost you more than Rp 50,000 but the most expensive of all is the rib eye fillet, costing about Rp 115,000.

Three Monkeys
Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, Bali
Tel : +62 361 - 975554 / 974830

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Address : Three Monkeys,
Jalan Wanara-wana (Monkey Forest)

About The Author

Galuh Wulandarie, Writer, Indonesia, Bali
Achieved her bachelor degree in Communication science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Galuh Wulandarie is a seeker in adventure. Having worked in Bandung and Bali to start her journey, now she finds her true passion writing articles for Streetdirectory Indonesia  and so her journey continues.

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