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Cuisine Australian Food, Restaurant
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District Tanjong Pagar
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BROTH: Dining Down-Under @ Duxton
Reviewed by : Viviane Then. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Having established itself a reputation for gourmet dining at the summit of Duxton Hill, BROTH makes the short climb up worth the effort. It isn't all about meat and large slabs of beef; BROTH, to the food adventurist, brings to guests a garden of freshest produce in their selection of classic Australian recipes.

  • The Vibe
    Spotting an English-cottage setting complete with a cobble-stoned street, alfresco dining at BROTH is a luxury in the day, if one does not mind the sunny weather. Within the redesigned shop-house of whitewashed walls and rustic pigeon-holes filled with books of wine and dine, one is able to settle comfortably into BROTH's cosy cottage-style interior complete with simple mahogany furnishings. Although a little cramped, there is a choice between a warm lighting near the bar counter or basking in sunshine near the kitchen counter in the comforts of air-conditioning.

  • The Food
    For starters, there is the recommended Caesar Salad or Spinach Salad ($11). The Spinach Salad, served in layers of Portabello mushrooms and fresh spinach leaves drizzled with raspberry-shallot dressing. Fresh and crunchy greens paired off with firm and chewy mushrooms add a refreshing touch to the palate, while the shallot dressing, fried spring onions and bits of dates create a distinct tasty blend of sweet and sour. This generous serving may be overwhelming in taste, so it is best to share it with another friend.

    BROTH has a lunch and dinner menu, which may vary slightly, but do consider the Lamb Loin in Green Coat ($25) with garlic potatoes, green beans and mint jus. Tender and juicy cuts of lamb soaked in savoury-sweet sauce would certainly not disappoint any meat-lover whilst the initial cool taste of mint dissolves into a blend of sweet and tender lamb meat. The fragrant smell of garlic enhances buttery-roasted potatoes, which made an excellent side dish to complete a satisfactory main course.

    An alternative choice will be the Linguine Aglio Olio ($21), which deviates slightly in taste and texture from its Italian relatives. Served dry with crabmeat, pine nuts, spring onions and carrots, this dish can be likened to a simple and healthy version of an Asian fried noodle dish. The combined taste of seafood and greens result in a fresh appetizing delight with a slight Asian tinge to it. This unique style of Aglio Olio is appealing to the eye as well as delectable to the palate.

    Pavlova ($12), a dessert originating from Australia and New Zealand, concludes the meal with sweet satisfaction. Soft marshmallow interior encased by a crisp sugar crust makes up the meringue cake decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Once more, like the other dishes in the menu, BROTH whips up a generous serving for their desserts enough for two or more. A basket worth of raspberries, bananas, kiwis, blueberries and strawberries moulded in soft whipped cream drizzled with fresh passion fruit balance the overwhelming sweetness. Notably, even with a wide variety of fruits served, Pavlova may be a tad too sweet for some.

  • The Service
    One can be assured of good and friendly service staff at BROTH as soon as one settles down at the table. Though youthful, the waiters are professional in their service and offer suggestions as well as recommendations with regards to the menu. Food is served promptly and feedbacks from guests are appreciated.

The SD Food Advisor's take on BROTH
It was a pleasure dining at BROTH with good service and savoury dishes, though it felt a little cramped with service staff walking to and fro the narrow pathway to serve their customers. Food served was of generous proportion; it would be advisable to share a full course meal with friends. Given its charming rustic style setting in a shop-house interior, BROTH certainly presents a good dining experience.

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