Lost by Anant Semwal

By: Anant Semwal


I am feeling

Lonely and shattered

Betrayed and tattered

Don't understand

Where do I stand?

Holding like sand

Every breath of mine

Slipping away

Is the precious time

O' help me thou soul Devine!!

Was this entire

Mend to be broken?

Just don't understand

What have I chosen?

Life was much better

Without her

Then what brought us

So close?

Fell under an illusion

So made this wrong conclusion

Proud I was to call you

Though ashamed I am now.

You brought me down

Onto the ground.

Flew with your chimera

Someone search for me!!

Missing the friends

They always stood by,

Indeed they made,

Me laugh play and cry

Even encouraged me to reach out

Felt like this never before

Dishearten I was never.

Therefore why did I

Mistake a foe and a friend?

Lost the courage

I have to live and trust.

Betrayed by the one so trusted

She left me wrecked and frustrated.

Got so many words to say

Yet I make myself stay

Forgotten all thoughts

Life's all dumped

O' yes here I say

I am broken, ashamed

As was never before

To call you a friend!!

Dated: October 7, 2007

Anant Semwal

hii all !

i wrote this poem for a very good friend of mine.. Kriti Shukl @. Well i just dont know whether i really lost a good friend or she showed her real self a little bit too late when i had banked all my trust in her.

well she was'nt my girlfriend but for sure was in the closest circle of friends!

she later turned out to be a liar and backstabber!

well she betrayed me many times but every time my inner soul forgave her! Such a loser she is... LOST a true friend for those mean CREEPS.

She got bak wat she gav Such a loser she is... LOST a true friend for those who used her...

well i would say it to be what you give is you get !! She paid for it in other waY !!

Thanks for readin !

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