Rompryska, My Youth

By: Gianni Truvianni
Rompryska my youth is thee

for thou arteth this cache

no longer mine to cherish

as it be in thee and all that maketh thy being

that I encounter this which so lacks in myself

it beeth in thine golden hairs

that compose thine mane

that does edify the sun to burnish

while descending harmoniously

from thine head that I may contemplate

it reflects from thine eyes a cerulean

that serve as a transom

of what thou haveth deep

within thee that thou shareth

with my disrepute ??

it glistens on thine maw as if ruby

a rose in bloom that strokes mine

so adroitly in thy kiss

which thou uses as potion to rejuvenate my

soul which hath viewed too numerous sunsets

it is from thine being that decorates the heavens

that I witness the star of my to be

for mine are but times of yore

that may only cling on thine light for

within my rebirth will be? ?

Rompryska thou art mine love

fore it be ye whom I seek with all that I posses

and thou unmeritable it be thou takest?

for it be the bounty of thine garden?

that giveth me the nectar as I sow the seed of

our or progeny

Rompryska it be thee who be mine angel

for though yee may present thyself to me

in form of earthly woman thou does belong

to the celestial stars that shine at night

Rompyska thou be mine all

as it be thee who placeth me

in the green meadow of thy soul

while escorting me past the gate?

of thine rectitude in what is mine

oh, Rompryska what maybe it that have

brought thee to me is not mine to query

but to worship and behold for it is in thee

that I have the counter


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