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Kodiak Island Halibut Techniques
by allen walburn. Halibut fishing around Kodiak Island is as diverse as anywhere along the Pacific Coast. At Kodiak Island Resort in Larsen Bay, Alaska we try to mix up the techniques and methods we use to catch halibut. Our primary motivation is we are always tryin...
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Deep Sea Fishing Charters
by natisha. Deep sea fishing isn't the same as fishing from the shores of a placid lake full of small school of fish. If you are looking for adventure fishing, then the deep blue ocean waters provide more exploratory courses. Deep sea fishing isn't just pamperi...
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Fishing Excursion
by natisha. Once in a lifetime take a fishing excursion off the Gulf of Mexico, Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, Argentina or any coastal area. A fishing excursion can become only dangerous when in the dark nights; killer sharks lunge forward and push the shipping ...
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Using a Lake Map Effectively
by Jeff Bausch. Many years ago I discovered the usefulness of a lake map.A lake map usually has many characteristics on it. Mostly it will identify the depth of the lake. It will also identify structure points of the lake. Such as, sand bars, gravel pits andunder w...
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Fishing With the Perfect "nightcrawler"
by Jeff Bausch. Fishing with the perfect “Nightcrawler”.The nightcrawler is deadly, devastating, and irresistible when used properly. For years the crawler has emerged as the number one live bait among the majority of freshwater fishermen in this countr...
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Bass Fishing Basics
by Chris Bell. There is an inscrutability regarding the stripers whether banded or striped Bass, stripers, rockfish, linesiders that induces all catching them. Anybody having seen a gorgeous fish jumping in the fresh water reflecting the sun shine off their silver...
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Its Time to Get Ready for Spring Fishing
by Ronald B. Shannon. Here comes March! This is usually the time when I wrap up my ice fishing. It's time to think about getting ready for spring fishing. Do you need new line? Maybe you need a new pole or reel? The sales usually start during this month for all of the ge...
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Making Homemade Carp Baits
by Tim Richardson. Making your own secret catfish or carp baits is exciting and fun! It can result in catches you only ever dreamt of!But many fishermen resist making their own baits. Unfo
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Family Fishing Holidays in France
by Marty Davis. France is a country that has a wonderful variety of fishing from the North through to the South and caters for fly fishing, course and game fishing on a wide range of rivers and lakes.
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Bass Fishing and Bass Fly Fishing Truths
by Joe Roman. BASS FISHING and Bass Fly Fishing TruthsBass Fishing and Fly Fishing Articles, Fish Recipes and Fishing Secrets. Bass fishing has a fascinating history. It started in the late 18th century and continues to progress even today. Fishing was origina...
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Sea Fishing for Beginners
by Monster Fishing. So you're going to give sea angling ago or you are an old timer with years of experience, sea fishing is all about challenging yourself and pushing the envelope and not to forget enjoyment, Sea fishing is no means easy however there are a few ways t...
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Fly Fishing Spoken Here!
by Lanie Dills. Fly Fishing is a very old method of fishing that is particularly effective for hauling in trout. Ponds, small streams, rivers and lakes are best for trout. Fly fishing is tantalizingly unique in that the bait is artificial flies made by tying, fur...
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A Day Too Full to Fix
by Ryan Bell. A day too full to fix with the weekend upon me and I'm closing a week with no sleep and the evasion of stress. A good friend and I headed to southern CT's coast for a business meeting with a fly shop owner that a local guide/ friend set up.Fish stor...
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Protein Carp Bait Ingredients
by Tim Richardson. 'Protein-based' carp fishing baits have proven to be extremely consistently effective! But how do you know how much protein ingredients will have an effect in your b
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Homemade Carp Bait Secrets and Bait Attractors
by Tim Richardson. Ideally, we fishermen would deliver the hook on its own, direct into the mouth of the fish by magic!Well, there is 'magic' available if we look a little deeper...
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Tips for Easy Carp and Catfish Baits
by Tim Richardson. Have you ever wondered why one 'lucky guy' seems to catch the biggest fish again and again, while the majority of other fishermen just seem to get the average catches? Why is t
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Winter Carp Fishing Boilies Pellet and Paste Bait Tips
by Tim Richardson. Many fishermen get an anxiety attack thinking about their baits in winter and rightly so! Most commercially produced baits are not made to be ideal winter baits but in part to fulfi
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Why I Would Want to Use Wooden Kayaks for Fishing Games
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Even though there are lots of materials available to build kayaks, wood is predominantly used in its building. Wooden kayaks are strong and light weight. Building kayak with wood is af
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Amazing Carp and Catfish Active Enzyme Baits and Flavours
by Tim Richardson. The awesome 'fish-pulling power' of fishing baits that are 'active' is truly amazing! This is a fact that many 'secret squirrel' type fishin
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Expert Big Carp Milk Protein Baits - Recipes and Special Methods
by Tim Richardson. Top carp fishing baits are rarely made from 'purely' milk protein ingredients these days. But there are many very attractive reasons to make your own very unique and powerfu
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Winter Carp Fishing Tips
by Tim Richardson. Location location location! First find your fish; they may be indicated by other anglers catching fish, or come from where you caught previously. Past year's records o
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How to Fish
by James Kwanda. How To FishIntroductionFishing has been a man's activity for generations. Back in the old days men would fish to feed their family. Today I am one of those men who fish to feed himself. What i mean is that fishing is what I do for a living. How To F...
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Bass Fishing Basics, Best Baits for Bass Fishing
by mike legg. Bass fishing is a really popular sport that can be enjoyed by anyone with the knowledge of a few Bass fishing basics. All species of Bass are some of the most sought after fish, as they are great fun to catch, and offer some of the best sport, both ...
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Trolling Fly Lines Tips
by Craig Mumby. This under rated trolling technique may be one of the most successful...By Craig Mumby If there is one technique that not many people consider when
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Carp Fishing Baits...high Oil Trout Pellets
by Sussex Carper. Be careful what bait and Liquids you use when fishing for Carp, a lot of research is under way into how fish respond to baits with Hi Oil content typically Trout Pellets.These pellets could contain up to 30% oil content depending on the size of pell...
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