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This Space For Rent
by Jon Caldwell. Contemplating in looking for a commercial space either for sale or for rent? What are would be your preferences and requirements?These may be the questions that bother your mind which of course can be avoided if you consider the following things: sp...
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Do Something Different With Your Real Estate Business
by Brandi Cummings.Stop The Insanity In Your Real Estate Business: Do Something Different by: Brandi Cummings The definition of insanity is doing the same thing o
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7 Key Considerations To Finding A Rental Apartment
by Bruce Roberts. Finding an apartment, especially in a "landlord's market" can be tough. With rental units being converted into condos and vacancy rates at all-time lows, it can be rough locating an apartment unit that fits your budget and your needs. Before you sta...
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Sell and Rent Back My Property
by Shaun Greer. Lets face it, the real estate market has changes and many of you got caught with high mortgage payments and now have a house that you can not sell, or can you. When the real estate market slows, the demand for houses goes down and appreciation stops...
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Saving Money On Mexican Vacation Rentals
by Lewis Pennington. If you have never been to the beautiful, pristine beaches of Mexico, you are truly missing one of life's little pleasures. Warm sand through your bare toes as you walk the evening beach listening as the waves playfully tickle the moistened sand is a...
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Appreciating A Vacation Rental
by Lewis Pennington. This weekend, you pack your family up into the family suburban, and you happily head to a local lake in the country. You rented a cabin for the weekend by this pristine lake known for its fishing and boating. The problem is that this is a vacation r...
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Battles Loom Over Rent-controlled Nyc Apartments
by Nicholas Adams Judge. With the sale last year of a large number of the city's public housing units, the battle over New York City's subsidized housing was brought into stark relief.Indeed, last year's sale of the Manhattan apartment complexes was not only the largest sal...
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Does Anyone Save Money Renting Vs. Buying?
by Craig Berger. The National Association of Realtors recently issued a report showing that when the sales of homes slow down, the amount of rentals increase. Rented homes, whether in a house or an apartment, are what keep the housing market afloat during uncertain ...
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The Benefits Of Renting Over Owning
by Bruce Roberts. While home ownership allows you the chance to build equity, decorate how you want and own your own home, sometimes renting can actually be the wiser financial choice. In addition, renting a property reduces your own workload for home maintenance. To...
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Search for the Right Apartment for Rent
by Bill Hinson . If you are searching for an apartment for rent, apartmentreviews.net has apartment ratings and reviews. Thousands of apartments for rent are available on the list and you need not spend your valuable time and energy in search for apartments as the p...
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Advertising Your House Rental Or For Sale By Owner
by Neil Ebsworth. If you are looking to sell your house or even if you have a holiday rental and are looking to manage the bookings yourself there are now a vast array of websites looking to offer services to you to advertise your site. Out of the thousands, maybe mi...
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What You Need To Know About Real Estate Rentals
by John Ash. Real estate rentals involve the renting of property to people who would like to use it for either commercial or residential purposes. Land and property owners often have excess property, which they would like to exploit for commercial gains, and the...
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Why Should I Sell My House And Rent It Back?
by Laura Rupert Garcia. Do you want to stay in the same home you live in now, but you are having problems paying the mortgage? This happens to many people and they unfortunately choose to move away from their beloved home to get away from the high mortgage payment. However...
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Online Credit Reports for Renters
by Apartmentlinks.com. An accurate and clear credit report is the key to lease an apartment easily. Before renting an apartment, many landlords demand tenant's credit report to determine their ability to pay the rent. It is a good idea to obtain a copy of your instant onl...
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The Ten Things to Consider Before You Sell and Rent Back
by Daniel Frusciante. 1) How much will you receive?Sell and rent back companies tend to offer, on average, 85% of market value on buying your home although this can be as low as 70% and as high as 100%. Some companies can offer 100% by giving you 70% upon completion of t...
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Renters Being Evicted While Real Estate Investors are Profiting
by Shaun Greer. Now that the foreclosure epidemic is in full swing, it is not just home owners who are getting slapped in the face. Hundreds of tenants renting homes across the nation are being evicted and forced to move with little or short notice from the banks.T...
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How To Raise The Rent At Your Investment Property
by Scott Ficek. Being a landlord requires management skills, sales skills, and negotiation skills as you are constantly working with people (your tenants). One sensitive subject for both the landlord and tenant can be "How much is the rent going to be?" Once the ...
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Is Renting Smart?
by Judson Voss. Many real estate investors will think about becoming a landlord, with your own rental property, from time to time. It seems like an easy way to bring in a regular monthly income on a long-term basis. Plus, you don't have to spend a lot of time eac...
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The Right Way to Buy Rental Property
by Omar Johnson. One of the surest pathways to wealth through real estate has always been the acquisition of cash flowing rental properties. However, as with any business, for every successful, happy landlord there are eight or nine others who are either struggling...
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Benefits of Selling and Renting Homes
by Sally Slater. In the wake of the current property crisis, homes are being repossessed by the hundreds every week in the UK alone. Many home owners are failing to make their mortgage payments every month due to a variety of reasons including rising interest rates ...
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The Current Environment for Investing in Real Estate
by Sunil Sharma. Present conditions involving the country's political and economic stability have prompted most potential investors to review the viability of investing in real estate. As the world political arena continues to be a volatile environment, it is not su...
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Renting Furnished Apartments
by Clyde Lee Dennis. Whether you're looking for corporate short term housing, a month to month lease or a short term lease you should have no problem finding a furnished apartment in most any part of the country. If you're looking for an apartment you'll find a growing ...
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Online Scammers Take Advantage of Desperate Renters
by Gea Elika.Online Scammers Take Advantage of Desperate Renters by: Gea Elika Money and need do funny things to the human mind. What is far too good to be
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Property for Sale and Rent - All About Property Agents
by Cheow Yu Yuan. Property agents are professionals who help in connecting buyers to sellers in the property industry. Some of the property agents also do link up tenants to landlords for property rental. How does a property agent earn money? He or she earns by linki...
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A Look At Different Types Of Property For Sale
by Thomas Pretty. With so many different types of property for sale on the market today the choice can be head-spinning. There are various considerations that must be made when choosing a property, naturally taste is probably the biggest factor but sale price and mai...
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