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Renting a House
by Amos Grham. This is indeed a frightening thought for many Australians. However, for many renters, costly house prices are turning the great Australian dream of home ownership into exactly that - a dream.Renters, especially those saving to buy, have survived sev...
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Seven Secrets to Successful Vacation Rentals by Owner
by Marie R. Feguson. 1. Screen Your Renters: It is important to know as much as possible about the party that will be staying in your home. Find out as much as you about your potential renters. Ask lots of questions. The more you are informed, the better choices you wil...
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Growing Competition for Vacation Rental Homeowners
by Marie R. Feguson. Several homeowner's of vacation rentals have reported increasing difficulty in finding qualified renters. With the rapidly growing number of vacation rentals on the market, competition is on the rise.But, don't get too discouraged. There is good new...
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Rental Income - Six Ways to Protect it
by Steve Gillman. How do you maintain and increase the rental income from your properties? Start by keeping your renters happy. That's what the first two of these tips are about.Happy Tenants Mean More Consistent Income1. Find out why tenants leave. Sometimes it is j...
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Is Owning a Home Always Better Than Renting?
by Charles Hebert. Everywhere we turn it seems we are bombarded with the notion that buying a home is always preferable to renting. We hear statements like, 'Young people need to build equity' or 'Rent is just throwing money away' or 'It is never better to rent than ...
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Service Tax Will Blow Commercial Property Rents Through the Roof
by Propertiesmls. The budget proposal of 2007-2008 states that service tax will now be levied on the rent received from the leasing of commercial properties at 12.36%. The imposition of this tax is a step towards broadening the scope of service tax, and imposing extr...
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Rent Back : Pay Off your Debts and Also Keep your House
by Derrick Adolfo. Rent Back is a popular option during times of financial crunch wherein you sell the property and rent it back to get hold of some quick cash. You can resort to this scheme if you are in need of some cash on an emergency basis. Financial hardships ca...
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Should I Use a Realtor to Find My Rental Home?
by Kinan Beck. "You've decided that you're ready to rent a home. Perhaps you've been living in apartments for a long time and ready to move into a bigger space with a yard but aren't quite ready to commit to buying a home. Making a move like this generally suggest...
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Dealing In Real Estate And Rental Properties
by Kim Lee. Knowing exactly what to invest in when dealing with real estate transactions will determine a good or bad deal. When a good deal is made, it means that the seller, buyer and agent all walk away feeling as though they have won or made a bargain. Hav...
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Should I Use a Realtor to Rent an Apartment?
by Eric Bramlett. " Are you considering using a real estate agent to assist you in renting your apartment? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about the process of doing so. Most importantly, you're probably wondering if it's something that's really a good id...
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Having Trouble Selling? Why not Rent?
by Michael Peterson. Sometimes, especially recently; the real estate market has seen a bit of a slump and some home owners who were set on selling their properties are having difficulty finding buyers. One thing that may not have occurred to them is to market their prop...
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Condos, Great Rental Properties
by Michael Peterson. In case you have not been paying a lot of attention to the real estate market lately, there are some changes afoot. The huge press on homes that has dominated the industry for several years has definitely cooled off and as a result there is a dramat...
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Sell and Rent Back to Overcome the Tough Times
by Derrick Adolfo. Rent back is a popular way in UK. Many Brits sell their property and quickly rent it back in order to generate some quick money, that would help them to overcome a period of financial crunch. You can sell and rent back your property in the following...
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Make Money Investing In Rental Property
by Joel Teo. Is it possible to make money investing in real estate? You see all of those ads for courses that cost hundreds of dollars, and claim to teach you how to make money by investing in real estate. The truth is that some research and knowledge can save y...
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Lose the Stress of Debt With a Sale and Rent Back Scheme
by Rhys Carpin. In the fast-paced uncertainty of the modern world it's all too easy to fall behind with payments until one day you realize you have serious debt problems. Other than the blow to your self-esteem this causes, the stress that arises from being in debt...
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Trouble Getting your Rental Deposit Back?
by Neil Simmons. Trouble getting your rental deposit back?The standard procedure in Bangkok when renting a condominium or apartment unit for a year or longer, is for you to deposit with the landlord 2 times the monthly rental amount. This money is held by the landlo...
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Rental Research
by Danny Burgess. Before you have even purchased an investment property or bought an additional property to live in whilst tenanting your initial property you should be thinking about how you propose to manage your rental property. Too many landlords/investors purcha...
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Know Why you Need Rent Back
by Derrick Adolfo. Uniformity can't remain forever in one's life. You have to accept the fact that uncertainty has to play its role in your life. Be it your financial concerns, physical concerns or any other sphere of your life. Uncertainty will always be there with y...
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Book Your Vacation Condo Rental
by Granda Metz.2007 Park City Arts Festival, It's Time to Book your Vacation Condo Rental by: Granda Metz This year's 38th Annual Park City Kimball Arts Festiv
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Creating the Right Atmosphere: Rental Properties
by Michael Peterson. Creating the right atmosphere in a rental property is one of the most important aspects of the rental game. There are any number of sub-standard rentals available in almost any city, but with questionable properties come some particular problems. If...
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Taking Care of your Rental: Before, During and After
by Michael Peterson. Renting properties and homes is a highly profitable business if the enterprise is properly planned and executed. One thing that every landlord has to and will have to deal with is maintaining the condition of their properties. So how can a landlord ...
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Buying a Second Home - Vacation or Rental?
by Nancy Gleason. Second homes have always been a good investment. With real estate holding its value as well as it does and the appreciation of the U.S. home market, the addition of a second home to your investment portfolio makes good sense. However there are some ...
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What Makes Christian Real Estate Different
by Martin Lukac. If you are ready to make the big decision of buying a home, there might be so many questions on your mind. It is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It has to be a well planned and thought of well. And if your current fin...
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Is it the Right Time for Me to Buy a Home? (renting Vs. Buying.)
by David Donhoff.Is it the Right Time for Me to Buy a Home? (renting Vs. Buying.) by: David Donhoff Is it the right time FOR ME to buy? (renting vs. buying.)They
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Where to Buy a Vacation Rental Home
by Kristin Dorsett. So you've made up your mind to get into the vacation rental business. Where should you buy a property?Christine Karpinski, author of the books How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner and Profit from Your Vacation Home Dream, suggests that 'anywhere...
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