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Laptop Computers and the PVP Effect!
Topic : Choosing a Laptop : Buying a Laptop & Information on Laptops
by Tom Fox.Roll over lumbering desktop computers, the limber laptop is here, and it's here to stay! For a while now notebooks have outstripped their ageing desktop PC siblings, easily winning the gold medal in ...
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Expert Guide to DVD Camcorders
Topic : DVD Camcorders : Choosing a DVD Camcorder
by Kennny Hemphill.Thinking about a mini DVD camcorder? You're not alone, it's a rapidly growing sector of the camcorder market, with Hitachi, Sony and Panasonic all making more than one mini dvd camcorder. These camco...
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iPod users get the picture
Topic : iPod Photos : iPods & iPod Photo
by David Llennac.iPod users start to get the picture and it’s turning out to be colorful fun!! The latest generation of hi tech gadget users are watching the different media they use start to converge as Apple launch...
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Cisco CCNA Certification
Topic : Cisco CCNA Certification : Cisco CCNA Exam & Cisco CCNA Test
by Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933.One question I’m often asked by CCNA candidates is whether to take the “one big exam”, or take the two separate exams required by Cisco to achieve the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam. T...
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Increase Your Website?s Earnings Potential
Topic : Internet Business Income : Website Earnings & Website Revenues
by Paul Colligan.Taking full advantage of your website’s earning potential is as simple as making use of the best affiliate programs available on the Net. Business websites and personal websites can both use affiliat...
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Encountering The Third Generation Of DVD Format
Topic : HD-DVD format : Blu-Ray format & DVD Formats
by Dana Scripca.It won't last too long until the third generation of DVD format to be unveiled. Your DVD player will play a well-performing disc with high-storage capacity. The upcoming Media-Tech Expo, Las Vegas, U...
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Microsoft Great Plains Partner Selection – overview
Topic : Microsoft Great Plains Partner : Great Plains Customization
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Solomon and Axapta are Microsoft Business Solutions ERP applications, serving to the whole spectrum of vertical and horizontal markets. Assuming that you already hav...
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Incremental Outlook Solutions
Topic : Outlook Backup & File Synchronization : Network/Unplugged
by Vikas Kumar.Mobiliti, Inc has announced the release of Network/Unplugged 5.0. Users have been using Network/Unplugged for backing up user files including open outlook pst files incrementally, synchronizing user ...
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When is a Software Engineer Not a Software Engineer?
Topic : Software Engineers : Software Engineering & Software Design
by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D..The title of “software engineer” has got to be among the most highly abused in the corporate high-tech world. It’s also one of the most popular. And why not? It sounds a lot better than “computer p...
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The Dark Side of P2P File Sharing
Topic : P2P File Sharing : P2P File Sharing Programs : P2P Scams
by Bill Paulk.P2P file sharing programs are free. Period. But there are P2P scam sites out there that want you to pay them instead. P2P scam sites are rogue companies that have set up shop to fleece unsuspecting m...
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Denial Of Service Attack
Topic : Denial Of Service Attacks : DDOS Attack & Network Attack
by Edwin Gonzalez.A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an attack on a network which is designed to bring it to a halt. This is done by sending useless traffic to a specific service/port on a server. The amount of...
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The One-Year Cost of Printing
Topic : Cost of Printing : Printing Cost & Inkjet Printers
by Larry Andrew.You can purchase an inkjet printer for as little as $39. With a rebate, it may even be less. Not many people would argue about the good deal they got when they purchased their printer. However, the p...
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Crystal Reports - Microsoft SQL Server
Topic : Crystal Reports : Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Solutions
by Andrew Karasev.Microsoft SQL Server is the leader for inexpensive and middle size SQL solutions. Plus it is now capable to serve large enterprise on Microsoft Windows platform. Crystal Reports is the most flexibl...
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Free Internet Access
Topic : Free Internet Access : Free ISP & Free Unlimited Internet Access
by Tom the Webmaster.Internet access can be expensive. The high monthly fees that some Internet Service Providers charge is ridiculous. As a result, many people use their local library in order to obtain free internet ac...
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Do I Need an RSS Feed?
Topic : RSS Marketing Feed : RSS Business Feed & RSS Feed Information
by S. Housley.Do I Need an RSS Feed? RSS has been around for more than 10 years but has only recently become popular. RSS provides headlines and summaries of information in a concise and standardized way. Benefit...
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What are Your Internet Connection Solutions?
Topic : Internet Connection Solutions & Internet Service Providers
by Ray LaFoy.Of primary concern to all internet users is their actual connection to the internet. A user needs to look at all the factors and weigh the benefits and costs Reliability - is the connection availa...
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Sirius Satellite Radio vs XM Satellite Radio
Topic : Satellite Radios : Sirius Satellite Radio & XM Satellite Radio
by C. J. Gustafson.Just as many TV viewers have come to consider cable TV a life necessity, so too is satellite radio becoming a mainstream replacement for traditional AM/FM listening. Yes you have to pay for it, but ...
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5 Stress Reducing Computer Tips
Topic : Computer Maintenance Tips : Computer Troubleshooting Tips
by Sharron Senter.For most entrepreneurs computers are an intrical part of our business. An entrepreneur can not afford for their computer to be inoperable even for a minute. Implement some of these quick and affordab...
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Ten Ways (plus 1) to Save on Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges
Topic : TSave Printer Ink : Save on Printer Ink Tips & Toner Cartridges
by Larry Andrew.Are you getting tired of the high cost of printing? You’re not alone. Many consumers are up in arms. For example, they believe paying $22 per ounce for printer ink and $150 to $300 (or more) for a to...
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My Yahoo Search - Beyond Bookmarks
Topic : Yahoo Personal Search & Yahoo Personal Bookmarks
by Jakob Jelling.Yahoo has long offered email, an online calendar, notes, bookmarks, and more through their free My Yahoo service. Now Yahoo has expanded this service even more by adding My Yahoo Personal Search to t...
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Future for Internet Marketers
Topic : Future of Internet Marketing : Online Marketing & Global Marketing Online
by Jakob Jelling.Have you ever attended a class where the instructor followed the Socratic method of teaching? You remember, only questions, no direct answers. Some discussions lend themselves best to that format, an...
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Stay In The Know With Google SMS
Topic : Google SMS : SMS using Google & Google Text Messaging
by Jakob Jelling.The Short Messaging Service (SMS) from Google sends short, quick, text answers in response to your queries from an SMS-enabled mobile device, such as a cell phone. For example, you can look up phone ...
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Google Tests Expanded Search To Include Printed Works
Topic : Google Print : Google Print Information
by Jakob Jelling.Google Labs is currently testing Google Print, which returns results from within scanned printed books along with Google's standard web search results. The searcher doesn't have to do anything specia...
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Alert Marketing - Get Google Search Results By E-mail
Topic : Google Alerts Service : Alert Marketing & Google Notifications
by Jakob Jelling.Sometimes our jobs as marketers means we need to look beyond the obvious. Google, for example, offers their Google Alerts service. At first glance, this may seem most useful to companies who want to ...
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Intranet Project Names - Some Ideas
Topic : Intranet Project Management : Intranet Project Plan
by David Viney."What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet." In this famous quote from Act II of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet tells Romeo that a name is an artificial and meaning...
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