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How to Prepare Your Project before You Order Website Design
Topic : Project & Projects : Website Design & Design of Website
by Oleg Lazarenko.Are you serious about get this website done fast and clear and want to make money with your website? Then you will absolutely need some good web design agency to build the website of your dream and t...
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Creative Offline Website Marketing Techniques
Topic : Marketing Techniques & Internet Marketing Techniques : Offline Marketing
by Adam Senour.Although the vast majority of website traffic is the direct result of search engines, there are many offline marketing techniques that can be used to draw customers to your website. The examples list...
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Flash Deadly Sins (that can kill your web business)
Topic : Deadly Sins & Web Business : Failure of Web Business
by Alan Steward.Looks like every client wants a Flash site these days but the reality is...as flashy as these sites may look, there are many negatives you may want to consider before delving into Flash. Deadly Sin O...
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The ‘Website’ CHECKLIST : Domains, Hosting, Web Design
Topic : Domain & Hosting & Web Design : Website Checklist
by Teeyes Siva.This article is meant to all who already have a website or who propose to buy it. Website – the term comprises three things : Domain, Hosting (Web space) & Web Design There are numerous company offer...
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Can Your Visitors Contact You From Your Website
Topic : Contact Page for Website & Contact Page
by Dave Tan.Argh, where's the contact button?! Believe it or not, some websites just DON'T WANT any visitors (even customers) to CONTACT them. There's no email address, no contact form, no NOTHING! What if a po...
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The Five Rules Of Influential Web Writing
Topic : Web Writing & Web Writings : Influential Web Writing
by Robert Warren.Building a professional reputation requires a campaign founded on your words: the positions you endorse, the motions you advocate, the accuracy of your vision. Writing for the Web can either establis...
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Using Google AdWords to Increase your Adsense Profits
Topic : Adword & Adsense : Make Money with Adsense
by John Gall.I had been using Google's Adsense program to generate some revenue from my various web sites. Prior to Adsense, I was never previously paid to run these and did so for a hobby. Overall I was please...
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Getting Your Site Seen By Search Engines
Topic : Search Engine & Site : Make your Site Search
by Karyn Greenstreet.Is your website listed on search engines? When people search for you, does your site show up on page 1 or page 20 of the search engine results? Optimizing your site to get it ranked highly on the se...
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ASP Web Hosting
Topic : ASP Web Hosting & ASP Net Web Hosting
by M6.net.ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP (Active Server Page). If you want a dynamic data-driven web site you may wish to embed ASP code into your web site’s HTML ...
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If Content is King, then surely Relevance is Queen!
by Jason Hulott.There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in the search engine world of late and there are lots of conspiracy theories as to why these things happen. It is easy as a webmaster to get caught up in th...
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Dreamweaver vs FrontPage
Topic : Frontpage & Dreamweaver : Dreamweaver vs FrontPage
by Oleg Lazarenko.There are two major WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) editors available for beginners. These are: Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. So the question is which one is better? This art...
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Flash - To Use Or No To Use?
Topic : Micromedia Flash & Micromedia Flash 8
by Oleg Lazarenko.Out there in the WWW there are thousands sites using flash for their needs. But the majority sites are not in this list. Let's summaries some facts about flash using on YOUR web site and after that i...
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5 Tips For the Perfect Domain Name
Topic : Domain Name & Domain Names : Name for Domain
by Niall Roche.What is a domain name? A domain name is the location of your website on the Internet. Your domain name will be what you become known by online so it's important to get it right. Each website on the I...
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How To Design A Search Engine Friendly Website
Topic : Search Engine Website & Search Engine Websites
by Arif Hanid.There are many websites that fail to target their required traffic, even if they’ve had some search engine optimisation work done. One of the main causes for this is simply because the website isn’t ...
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Beginner Guide to Web Hosting
Topic : Web Hosting & Web Site Hosting : Guide to Web Hosting
by Andrew Loh.What is web hosting? Whenever you visit a website, what you see on your web browser is essentially just a web page that is downloaded from the web server onto your web browser. In general, a web site...
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Web Development Nightmares
Topic : Web Registration & Web Site Registration : Site Building
by Vishal P. Rao.Starting out in any type of online marketing or Internet business can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different aspects of a start-up: domain name registration and purchase, Web site...
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First Web Hosting Experience
Topic : Web Host Experience & Web Hosting Experience
by Igor Romanoff.Well… you've purchased a domain name… created a pretty design… filled it with content… what now? HOSTING. I suppose that you know what a web hosting is, and we don't need to repeat in once again. Ac...
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Beautiful Web Sites Seldom Make More Sales
Topic : Sale & Sales : Website Sale & Website Sale
by Vishal P. Rao.Designing an E-commerce Web site is not as simple as having a "pretty" site that is a pleasure to visit. While it is important to have an attractive site, as much thought must be given to functionali...
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Switching Web Host
Topic : Switch Web Host & Changing Web Host : Web Host Switching
by Matt Colyer.Moving a website is not as difficult as you may think because it really is easy. There are few steps to follow carefully. First Off: Do not get over excited when you see an extremely cheap hosting pl...
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Optimizing for Visitors not Search Engines
Topic : Optimize Search Engine & Search Engine Optimize
by Michael Medeiros.Most people feel that optimizing is to target the search engines alone. In my opinion, this is not the only case. Optimization requires a balance of traffic enhancements and a user friendly atmospher...
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Why Have An Article Website?
Topic : Article Website & Article for Website : Website Article
by George.Know the fact Presumably, you already knew what internet is all about. Its all about content. With free quality content, you can easily attract the masses. Some may consider this as an investment whi...
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I’m Gettin’ Really Torqued!
by Gene Simmons.For those of you who have been living in a cave for most of your lives, you can translate the “torqued” in the heading of this article to “mad” or “angry”. For today’s discussion of anger, let’s quan...

Color Psychology for webpages
Topic : Webpage Colors & Colors for Webpage
by Bud Smith.Colour is an aspect of a website that is often picked haphazardly and without any thought from a beginner web designer. The lesser known quality of the colour of a website is that it can greatly affe...
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Bound To Your Old Expensive Web Host by Fear?
Topic : Cheap Web Host & Cheap Web Hosting
by Danielle Bailey.Bound To Your Old Web Host’s Sky High Rates By Fear? You're not alone! Many people are bound to the old web host they've used for years because they're afraid of the hassle of switching. Customers wi...
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Images: How To Make Them To Load Fast On Your Web Pages?
Topic : Loading Fast & Fast way to Download
by Radhika Venkata.1. Use .gifs rather than .jpgs. GIFs are smaller in size when compared to JPGs. 2. Use 'Height' and 'Width' tags for your images. So while page loading certain place is left for the images and visito...
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