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About Us

BOTAK JONES® was born out of the idea that everyone should have access to well-made food of all types. Seeing a definite lack of availability of good, well made western food in the industrial and heartland areas, Botak Jones is trying to fill that need.

Using our experience in the F&B business stretching back to 1996, the BOTAK JONES® crew are working on ways to bring the quality of food and service into a more comfortable, everyday setting, which translates into coffee shops and eating houses, where people feel at ease and can dress as they wish and be themselves.

While there is a plethora of fine food in Singapore, it is located in areas where the Heartlander may only visit from time to time if at all. By presenting BOTAK JONES® in their estate, it makes this quality of food and service available on a daily basis. Singapore is a developed country and we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to taste what the world has to offer no matter where and how they live.

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123 Defu Lane 10 539232
Tel : 6755 1225
37 East Coast Road 428755
Tel : 6345 9225
412 Bedok North Avenue 2 460412
Tel : 6243 9225
118 Depot Lane 109754
Tel : 6272 3225
892C Woodlands Drive 50 732892
Tel : 6894 4225
248 Simei Street 3 520248
Tel : 6789 4225
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