Home wine making is not that difficult

Although the thought about home wine making gives a romantic feeling, many people shy away from the idea that they don't have the knowledge, the time, or money to make a good product. In reality home wine making is both romantic and something anyone can enjoy doing. The romantic feeling is part of the home brewers daydream about living in a European vineyard, surrounded by peace and silence, crushing grapes, and sipping a freshly brewed glass of wine in the evening sun. But to be a little more realistic there is no other priceless feeling then going into your garage on a rainy day and opening up a bottle of home brew wine that you have been making yourself.

You don't need so much stuff for home wine making

When people think about home wine making, they have some huge mind blowing images in there head, they think that you would probably need your own European like vineyard for home wine making. And they see themselves with there bare feet in a huge (and expensive) wine press. Well lets get real, most people don't have the land to grow grapes, or their own vineyard, nor do they have the time and the experience you need to grow and harvest them. And a huge wine-press? You don't need one, because many people who make their own home brew wine, purchase the grapes they use from large wineries, These people do that for there living and they have all the knowledge and the land to grow a good quality grape. These wineries who sell the extract for home wine making use their own wine-press to extract every drop of juice from the grapes.

But if you do have the land, good grapes and a place where you can put a good wine-press, there are several available that are not that expensive and you don't have to use your feet either.

Home Wine Making Kits

After all that you don't need, here is what you do need, when starting with home wine making you should buy a good home wine making kit. Most wine making kit contain:

- a fermenting bucket (make sure it has a lid)
- an airlock
- a triple scale hydrometer
- bottle brush
- a glass carboy with a stopper
- a siphon unit.

You can buy home wine making kits in different sizes and prices.

You also need a good recipe when you start home wine making, often these kits come with some recipes, but that can't beet the recipe and the advice you can get from a home wine brewer. Home wine brewers can be found online and in your local home brew store. Ask around and because most home brewers like to talk about there passion, they probably will share some good recipes to start with.

After you have started with home wine making, you will probably be so enthusiastic that you will make lots of wine, remember that a person in the United States is allowed home wine making for their own personal use until 100 gallons. It is possible to make your profession from it and sell your beautiful wines but you need to check that with your local liquor board, sometimes there are conditions in your region that can restrict selling your own home wine to others.

In the meantime just enjoy your home wine making and remember 100 gallons is really allot and nobody says you can't give some away.

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