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Carbohydtrates in your cooking
by Azhar Bin Daud. The major function of carbohydrates is to provide energy for muscular activity and the creation of warmth. The greater the physical demands on the body, the higher is the energy need and, therefore, the carbohydrate requirement. Carbohydrates occur...
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Learn About Cooking Tips
by Mandeep Saini Nov. Got a passion for cooking? Love the kitchen? Well, why don't you consider joining in some of the most well-known recipe message boards online and engage in a kitchen talk? That sounds great, right? For mothers, women, chefs, teens, and people of all...
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The wonderful world of cooking
by Anilnegi. A successful culinary arts student will require a dash of hard work and a pinch of talent to make a great recipe for a career in the wonderful world of cooking. A fast-paced cooking environment that will require culinary arts students to obtain...
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Spring Cooking Season Is Here!
by Kael. As the weather gets warmer on the east coast, more and more people are drawn to the outdoors to enjoy some warm weather cooking. Gone are the soups, and replaced are the stews. Steak grilling? Chili Cooking? Absolutely! Listed below are some of our...
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Great Swedish Cooking And Farmors Kottbullar!
by Jennifer Carter. Sweden is a great region, and Swedish food is a great ethnic food. At its best, Swedish food is excellent, largely meat-, fish- and potato-based, but varied and generally tasty and filling. Typically classical Swedish cooking includes lots of seafood...
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Cooking Up Kiwi Cuisine
by Wayne Ryan. Stemming from its British Colonial heritage, culinary culture in New Zealand has long been characterized by straightforward fodder such as steak and fries, fish and chips and baked meats. However, driven by the demands of increasingly sophisticated...
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The Other Side Of Mexican Cooking
by Wayne Ryan. High-quality bell peppers, summer squash and cucumbers may not have arrived in the farmer's markets yet, but they're crisp, fresh and abundant at the supermarket-and most likely imported from Mexico.Many people don't realize that Mexico exports far...
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Healthful Cooking? Choose Ingredients Wisely
by Wayne Ryan. When preparing your next health-conscious menu, consider this fact: Nutritionists say that knowing where your ingredients come from can be almost as important as knowing what ingredients to use. That's one reason food such as certified Wild American...
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Classy, Convenient Cooking For Two
by Rodney Wright. When you want to serve a quick-and-easy meal for just the two of you, count on eggs. Handily portioned by nature, eggs are conveniently packaged for quick-and-easy meals for one or two. Plus, eggs are one of the most versatile of all foods. You can...
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Cooking With Americas Ultimate Tailgater
by Stacey Moore. Avid tailgaters are often more passionate about the tailgating itself than the events at which they celebrate. This is certainly the case for Cathy Phillips, a resident of Chincoteague Island, Virginia, who was named "America's Ultimate Tailgater" at...
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Pure Taste: The Simplicity And Convenience Of Cooking Spray
by Stacey Moore. Consumers looking for great taste, performance and convenience are giving thanks for a "mist" opportunity.That's because an innovative line of cooking sprays now provides home chefs with delicious flavor and a light touch in the kitchen, without...
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Sophisticated Cooking Made Simple
by Stacey Moore. For many, the cornerstone of any gathering is the food. People often begin to crave the flavors and aromas of the holiday as soon as the weather begins to cool. While some dishes show up at every table, it's fun to surprise guests with something new....
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Cooking Up Family Fun
by Stacey Moore. A new entertainment package is sure to satisfy a girl's craving for some berry-licious fun. A new DVD, "Strawberry Shortcake: Cooking Up Fun," comes with a 12-page cookbook filled with recipes, activities and special memories that can help bring moms...
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Cooking Options To Help When Youre Out
by Christine Steendahl. For a lot of cooks, there are times when we do not have the appropriate ingredients in the pantry to make our desired meal. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair, many common ingredients can be used to replace recipes standards,...
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Grandma Hystads Recipes, Bar Mixes, Cooking, Cleaning, Tips
by Activity. RECIPESLIGHTSIDEWARNINGCLEANING TIPSCOOKING TIPSBAR MIXESTo save space on your computer, make a few files and name them Recipes, Cooking Tips, Cleaning Tips, bar mixes. You can then copy and paste only articles you would like to
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Bar Mixes, Food, Cleaning, Cooking Tips
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Cooking For Low Calorie
by Ginfo1. With all the fad diets taking over our televisions, bookstores, and pantries, many people have forgotten the basics of healthy living. When you are busy counting carbs, calculating fat grams, and popping diet pills, perhaps you should consider that...
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Tips Before ths Kids Start Cooking
by Deepya. We all want our kids to be independent and at the same time help us with the chores at home. But before the kids start helping us around in the kitchen and learn a thing or two about cooking, they should be aware of all the basic precautions so that...
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The Best Cooking Medium
by $mandeep Saini. It seems like every day offers up a new medium online or on television for recipe lovers. On cable, channels dedicated to cooking have cropped up, and individual programs offer in-depth look at specific types of cooking, cuisine and recipes. And on...
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Kid Friendly Cook Books
by Christine Steendahl. Most popular Children's cook books help parents and kids learn to interact in the kitchen. Kids enjoy cooking and these cook books describe simple ways to cook healthy meals with kids in mind. 1)Burning Down the HouseThis cooking with kids cookbook...
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Cooking For The Crockpot
by Gwydion. A crockpot or slow cooker, as it's also know, can be an invaluable piece of kitchen equipment. In essence it's a stoenware or earthenware pot sitting on top of a heating element. With a tight-fitting lid it allows meals to be cooked very slowly over...
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Cooking Sugar Free Is A Health Choice
by Lisa Parker. Americans on average consume large amounts of sugar daily. This is a big problem in our society because increased sugar intake leads to numerous health problems. If you do not reduce the amount of sugar you consume, you may put yourself at risk for...
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Cooking With Beans
by Gwydion. Today we forget just how versatile and important beans have been as a foodstuff in human history. After all, beans represent one of nature's ultimate storage foods. They contain plenty of protein and carbohydrate and can be dried for storage over...
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Cuisine And Cooking
by David Russo Vmd, Phd. The term "cuisine" has widespread implications, encompassing practices and traditions in cooking and the general preparation of food and beverages. These practices and traditions are usually specific to a certain geographic region and heavily...
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Gourmet Cooking For Pleasure
by Rhadika. Gourmet cooking is a style of food preparation that deals with the finest and freshest possible ingredients. This means that to enjoy authentic gourmet food you must prepare your food immediately after purchasing the fresh ingredients that will...
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