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Restaurant 1827 Thai: A boudoir, Extravagant and luscious
Reviewed by : Dawn Wang. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Housed in Singapore 's oldest government building, Restaurant 1827 Thai faces one of the most prominent landmarks in Singapore 's history. The venue itself was previously the Singapore Parliamentary reading room. The restaurant derives its name from the year the old Parliament House was built. Soaked with historical and cultural underpinnings, the elegant restaurant stands proud, and exudes a reserved formality that continues to reverberate from the exterior to the interior. Serving a dynamic collection of Thai fusion cuisine, Chef Fu Hao is a master in whipping up wonderfully delectable creations that will leave you wanting more.

  • The Vibe
    This three year old restaurant has won many accolades, amongst them being the Best Interior Design. Designed by DR design, this lush restaurant retains its majestic colonial façade, and yet transforms into a luxurious and sensual dining space within. Fronted by a resplendent bronze elephant statue-a gift from King Chulalongkorn in 1871, the rest of this modern restaurant is equally steeped in opulence. Golden beaded curtains flow from the ceilings, contrasting beautifully with the deep red walls. Shafts of lemon-gold brilliance lance down and play with the organza curtains, which shimmer and cast a pearly sheen across the restaurant. Rich hues of red against the dim interior give one the sensation of stepping into a boudoir, extravagant and luscious. Be prepared to pamper your senses.
  • The Food
    Chef Fu Hao proves his great prowess in his luscious creations. Unlike typical Thai restaurants, Restaurant 1827 has a unique spread of western and Chinese food that use Thai flavored sauces and dressing. The result is a surprising combustion of flavors and textures that excite and please. The Roast duck curry ($22) is a tantalizing concoction of caramelized grapes, honey pineapple and orange curry sauce, draped over juicy bits of duck. Although an unlikely combination, the effect is sheer brilliance. The richness of the curry complements the smoky flavors of the duck, melding together in perfect harmony. The Braised Lamb Shank ($26) is as unconventional. Topped with tom yum flavored sauce and root vegetables, the tom yum is a great accompaniment to the strong flavors of the lamb. For customers who avoid lamb because they feel it has a “weird” taste, or they may find the taste too strong for liking, this dish may change perceptions. The tom yum neutralizes the overpowering lamb smell, giving a softer, more delicate taste. For desserts, the Pandan Tiramisu ($6) is not to be missed. Crowned with a sesame seed biscuit, this fragrant treat is a refreshing change from the usual tiramisu which may be too heavy after a meal. Instead, this “localized” version of the Italian dessert is light and sits pretty with the eyes, with its bright green color. The Banana cinnamon fritter with ice-cream and gula melaka ($6) is also worth a mention. The fritters are fried to golden-brown perfection, with a light sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. The breaded surface is crisp and delicate, unlike the oily counterparts one finds in Hawker Centres. Lightweight like gossamer, one can almost devour the whole plate without feeling overstuffed. The gula melaka is a ingenious twist to this local delight.

The SD Food Advisor's take on Restaurant 1827 Thai
Fusion food can be tricky. To create a dish that blends two different types of cuisine is like treading on precarious grounds. However, Restaurant 1827 Thai does manage to create a repertoire of unique and pleasant tasting dishes. The portions are rather small, as with most Thai food and it is rather pricey for the portion. However, the ambience is worth every cent paid. To enjoy a meal, in settings that resemble paintings from a Thai palace, make this a feast, in all aspects of the word. No, dining is not just an affair with the taste. It becomes a feast of the senses.

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