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Gallaghers Canyon Golf Course
by James Murray . The Okanagan Valley with their rolling hills have many picturesque golf courses, which you can play many rounds of golf with either your friends or family, and most overlook beautiful Okanagan Lake. The casual or dedicated golfer can play these very...
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Improve Your Swing Or Lower Your Scores?
by Ranju Kumar. As a golf teacher, I have been helping people with their golf for over 17 years.Usually, the first thing a golfer wants fixed is their golf swing so they can get rid of their slice or get more distance. And they give me 30 minutes to do it.I learned...
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Selecting Photos Of Golf Tournaments
by Jim Brown. A certain type of golfer might play professionally but still might need photos to reach a certain level of inspiration during a golf game. Golfers like Tiger Woods might get a certain inspiration to play golf better by glancing at photographs of his...
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Why Cheap Golf Vacations are Growing in Popularity
by Terry Edwards. Though it's often looked upon as a sport geared to and enjoyed by older men with tons of expendable income, the demographics of golf are far wider than that. It is enjoyed by men and women of all races and ages, with varying levels of income. For th...
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Golf Mental Game Tips To Help You Reduce Your Scores
by Shakil Zaman. The game of golf is one of the most mental games in the world. It is one of the few sports where you control when you make a play. The ball just sits there on the fairway or green and it is up to you to take as much or little time as you want to hit...
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How To Swing A Golf Club For Maximum Effect
by Dean Caporella. If you have been playing golf for some time and don't know how to swing a golf club yet then you've got to consider whether you're really serious about improving your game.When we say how to swing a golf club we mean using the correct fundamentals. ...
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How to Use the Right Golf Grips to Improve your Game
by Rika Susan. Why the whole production over golf grips? This inexpensive part of your golfing gear can be the deciding factor in your game. I know, I know, the latest golf cart accessories are
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A Golf Club Shopping Guide for Beginners
by Golf Gift. You enter a golf store and are overwhelmed with all the irons, woods, putters and wedges that you see along with the golf balls, clothing and other golf accessories. If you are just starting to play golf, the task of selecting the ...
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Easy Traveling With your Golf Clubs
by Golf Gift. Golf clubs could be quite an expensive investment. However, aside from its cost, you also want to make sure that when you play, you are using your golf clubs that are in great condition to deliver your best game. This is why if you would be travelin...
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Can your Golf Ball Improve your Game?
by Golf Gift. Being able to choose the right golf ball could be just what you need to turn an awful game to a wonderful one. However, it does not mean that you should just trot out and buy the golf ball that Tiger Woods uses to instantly turn you into a world cha...
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Prepare yourself Physically for Golf
by Golf Gift. Most people would think that golf hardly requires any physical exertion. However, an 18-hole round could definitely take a toll on your mind and body. Improving your physical fitness could help you to improve your consistency, concentration, balance...
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Golf Basics - What you Need to Know
by Golf Gift. The rules in golf are fairly simple if you already know them, however explaining them could take a while. If you are not very familiar with the basics, the first thing you would need to know would be the mai...
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Improve your Putting With Proper Alignment
by Golf Gift. In golf, getting a good score depends on your putting skill, as this could probably well be the most important aspect in the game of golf. It would represent around 40 percent to 50 percent of your total score. T...
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The Importance of Balance on your Golf Swing
by Golf Gift. Mastering the art of the golf swing could be complicated and challenging, and you are most probably trying to improve yours. There are a couple of very simple errors in balance that most people make but ca...
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Bags, Bags and More Bags - Which Golf Bag to Buy?
by Golf Gift. Golf bags are essential for carrying around all the things you need as you play golf. These would be your golf clubs, golf balls, tees, markers, towels and umbrellas.Although they do not directly affect the result of your game, they could influence ...
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Golf Mind Play: the Gremlin Inside of your Head
by Tracy Tresidder. Is negative thinking causing you to lose confidence in your game?Since the brain controls the body's actions, we can assume that positive thinking produce
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Golf Mind Play: Overcoming Negative Influences
by Tracy Tresidder. How do the obstacles that present themselves on the golf course affect your mind game?The game of golf involves changing variables that directly influence h
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Golf Mind Play: the Importance of Consistency
by Tracy Tresidder. Why is consistency so important in golf?Achieving a level of consistency in your game is a great advantage in golf. If you can achieve a certain level of st
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Golf Mind Play: Playing your Own Game
by Tracy Tresidder. Do you find less than perfect conditions discouraging?Players tend to judge their performance by their most recent score, and spend a lot of time after a ro
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Golf Mind Play: Damage Control
by Tracy Tresidder. Is one bad shot ruining your entire game?A good game can quickly be transformed into a bad game simply by hitting one bad shot. You may have a pleasant atti
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Golf Mind Play: Emotional Golf
by Tracy Tresidder. How your game will be affected by your attitude?Everyone hits a bad shot now and then, its part of the game. If we all played a perfect round all of the tim
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Golf Mind Play: Eliminating Mental Baggage
by Tracy Tresidder. Why is it so difficult to shut out intrusive thoughts?Each time you address the ball, it is important to switch on and remain focused for the duration of yo
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Golf Mind Play: Playing in the Present
by Tracy Tresidder. How can you eliminate those distracting thoughts that keep popping up in your mind?Achieving an optimal mental state of clarity before each shot involves re
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Customize the Way you Play With Customized Golf Clubs
by Golf Gift. Golf clubs greatly affect the way you play the game. If you want to make sure that you would be making that killer shot, customized golf clubs might be just what you need. Golf club customization would inclu...
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Golf Mind Play: Uncover your Hidden Potential
by Tracy Tresidder. Are you too focused on your "limitations?" The functions of the conscious mind are to look, listen and learn. It does all the analysing, criticising, re
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