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Selecting the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners
by Verlyn Ross. Selecting The Best Golf Clubs For BeginnerThere are a number of conflicting considerations here. When you are first starting out with golf, you will want to have equipment that is geared as much towards your skill level as possible. On the other h...
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Perfect Golf Swing Stance Routine - Just Like the Pros
by Jon Barrett. Here is the perfect golf swing stance that matches that of the worlds top pro's.This is something that I was shown by a golf coach. I haven't ever seen this before in any golf instruction material before. It is a stance routine to ensure that you ar...
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Golf Swing Set Up Routine... Just Like the Pros
by Jon Barrett. This is the Best Golf Swing Set Up Routine I've Ever Come Across...OK, here we go. This is something that I was shown by a Pro Golfer. I have never seen this before in any golfing material before or since. It is a set up routine to ensure that you a...
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How To Develop A Perfect Golf Swing To Improve Your Game
by Gregg Hall. If you are going to be playing golf any time soon then you are going to need more then just agility. You are going to need to be totally limber and focused on the game or you are not going to do so well. Even though you may not need endurance duri...
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Putting Like A Pro
by Jonathon Hardcastle. Putting is one of the most crucial aspects of the game of golf. It's often said that we 'drive for show, and putt for dough', and this is certainly the case on the professional circuit. Given that greenside play can account for up to 50% of all st...
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How To Become A Successful Golfer
by Jimmy Cox. This is how the key parts of the body, and not forgetting the club head, need to respond in the correctly shaped downswing, smoothly and unhurriedly applied:The head has remained in its original position throughout.It has not "gone" and must not be ...
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Tips For Improving Your Golf Scores
by Jimmy Cox. Almost every hole in golf requires some kind of an iron shot. If you can consistently hit the greens with your approach irons and position your ball near the pins, you are going to get your share of birdies and pars. It stands to reason that a good ...
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How To Excel In Golf
by Jimmy Cox. The characteristic approach to the game of golf by those who succeed involves a fixity of purpose which comes from emotional drive. The drive comes from what psychologists call "goal tensions," and this goal tension comes from the decision of the pl...
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How To Determine If Your Golf Swing Is Too Fast
by Gregg Hall. The whole point to practicing at getting a better swing is trying to make your swing faster. Most tips only show you how you should hold your club. Many people think that the harder you swing a golf club the further it will go. Yeah you can proba...
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The Chip and Run Shot
by Jonathon Hardcastle. Golf is a game enjoyed by many the world over. It's a game that requires dedication, determination, and above all practice. In golf, practice helps build routine, which is necessary to establish power in your drive, through consistent iron play to...
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Full Golf Swing - How To Generate More Power In Your Swing
by Dean Caporella. Achieving a full golf swing as a senior player becomes more and more difficult the older one gets. Naturally, distance will wane over time but accuracy shouldn't and hitting the ball straight shouldn't be an issue if you've been playing the game for...
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Sun Mountain Golf Cart
by Imanuel. When most people think Sun Mountain golf cart they think of a push pull golf cart that takes a golfer and his golf clubs around the course. And that's a fair assumption seeing that is what they were originally produced for. But in this day and age t...
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Chip and Pitch Shots - Valuable Considerations
by Verlyn Ross. In golf, chip and pitch shots are all about making crisp contact with the ball first and you do this by hitting positively down into the back of the ball. If the players you played with had said, "nice pitch" when you really chipped, then they are ...
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Help for Golf Beginners - Get Started Fast
by Verlyn Ross. One of the hardest things for golf beginners to realize is the amount of finesse that it takes in order to put the ball into the hole, no matter what kind of shot they are attempting to take. But, on the other hand, don't get blinded by too much sc...
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Achieving Consistency In Your Golf
by Jonathon Hardcastle. Golf is a game of skill that requires logic and athleticism in equal measure. Furthermore it requires an immeasurable degree of practice and repetition to engrain swing changes and to improve your game. In fact, Nick Faldo once estimated that it t...
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Hawaii Discount Golf Vacations
by Terry Reim. With the price of gasoline rivaling the cost of green fees, why wait any longer to live the ultimate golfing fantasies -- Hawaii Discount Golf Vacations? Hawaii is one of the best year-round golf destinations in the world for golfing and all other k...
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Attending a Professional Golfers Event
by Staff Writer. Attending a PGA event. Many average golfers want to go see how the pros do it when a professional golf tour comes to their area. Although golf seems to be a spectator's sport that plays better on television, golf enthusiasts should go experience a ...
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Golf Mental Training
by Munya Chinongoza. So you are looking for golf mental training aids, huh? The game of golf is not as easy as it appears to be when you watch Tiger Woods playing on TV. Not only does it require skill, it also requires the player to focus and have a lot of concentration...
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Tips To Improve Your Golfing
by Jimmy Cox. A fine and experienced golfer is not necessarily a good teacher of the game. Why? Because many cracks do not know how they play themselves - when it comes to anything like a close analysis of their shots - and they have no idea at all of how a begin...
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Tee Times Marbella - Golf Holiday Marbella
by Shweta Takane. The La Concha Mountain forms a beautiful background for this costal town.This is the favourite town of the rich and the famous. It seems to be more cosmopolitan than the other towns. The seafront has many stylish and plush apartments and the bouleva...
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Golf Driving Tips To Help You Hit The Ball Farther
by Shakil Zaman. Driving a golf ball well can be a great challenge. The driver is the hardest club in the bag to hit and requires a lot of skill to master. The first key to driving the golf ball well is to swing well within yourself. Many players when they are tryin...
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Seniors Gives Lesson in Scoring Low and Stop Topping the Ball
by Stacy Solomon. Tiger Woods looked a bit like Phil Mickelson (and family) after his win at the Target World Challenge with grandma holding up baby Sam to receive a wet one while Elin proudly looked
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Usga Rule Change for 2008 and Charity Abounds in Golf
by Stacy Solomon. Although boxers like Oscar de la Hoya and Sugar Ray Leonard fight in front of thousands, using the squared circle as a stage to proudly display their ability, they seem to lose thei
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What is Wrong With My Golf Game? ...pssst...its your Swing
by Lance Blaco . Are you struggling with your golf game? Do you hook, slice or duff the ball?Come on, admit it, we all do from time to time. Does your score stay the same or go even higher inspite of what you do to correct your game? Let me tell you it's a problem p...
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Specific Goals And Objctives Of GOlf
by Ranju Kumar. All the parts of golf that may be used in playing a round of golf. By improving a few or many of these parts reflects in your overall score.So if you have a goal to improve your scores, first work out what your personal par is for a course. Use your...
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