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Why Clone Golf Clubs Are Seriously Worth A Second Look
by Martin Haworth. Clone golf clubs are not the same as the well known brands they have become associated with, yet they are made from pretty much identical quality materials and they are designed with just as much care and technology.Indeed the shaft and heads and gr...
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Some Helpful Accuracy Golf Training Tips
by Kerry Ng. How to Hit Further And Straighter And Eliminate Hooks And SlicesEvery avid golfer has a desire to improve their game. Who doesn't want to improve their accuracy, power and control? Just in the industry of golf training tools is a rapidly growing ind...
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3 Minute Exercises For Golfers Program For Longer Drives
by Mike Pedersen. Exercisees specific to golfers is one of the surest ways to hit longer drives. After all, it's your body that swings the club, not the other way around.
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Golf Tips: Hitting From Different Lies
by Savannah Durbin. Golf would be much easier, if every shot were from a nice flat spot in the fairway. Part of being a good golfer, is not only having a perfect shot from a flat lie in the fairway, but having a nice shot at any lie. Hitting a golf ball from a differ...
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Golf: the Lure of the Game
by Savannah Durbin. Golf is more than just a sport. It is an obsession, addiction, and a way of life. Why do golfers enjoy golf so much? After all; what could be so exciting about walking around a field, and swinging a stick at a ball? I mean come on! Golf is just...
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Beginner Golf Tips: Short Game Errors
by Savannah Durbin. The short game can be the most tedious part of golf. It requires the greatest amount of accuracy and precision. The drive can be a good hit as long as it lands a decent distance anywhere on the fairway. On the other hand, a chip is only good if i...
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Beginner Golf Tips: Common Errors
by Savannah Durbin. Learning how to golf can no doubt be a difficult task. Even if you have played other sports throughout your life, golf is different. For instance, in soccer, it is easy to go out on a field and kick a ball around without any prior experience, even...
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Glossary of Golf Terminology
by Savannah Durbin. 19th Hole - a term that jokingly refers to the clubhouse.Albatross - three strokes under par.Ball Hawking - looking for balls in out of bounds areas of the course.Ball Mark - the "dent' that the ball makes, when hit onto the green.Birdi...
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How to Drive the Golf Ball Properly
by Savannah Durbin. My driver has always been the club that I have been most confident with. In order to drive the golf ball properly, you must first master the fundamentals of the swing. When setting up to hit a drive, stand with your feet slightly greater than shou...
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Pre Golf Practice Routine
by Savannah Durbin. In order to consistently score low, it is highly recommended to form a regular pre golf practice routine before teeing off. A pre golf practice routine will warm your muscles up, and give you the chance to start out on the right foot. I would reco...
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Proper Golf Etiquette
by Savannah Durbin. Some golf etiquette is common sense, like don't yell out profanities while someone in your foursome is hitting the ball. Other golf etiquette isn't so obvious. I spent two years of playing golf before even knowing a few common golf courtesies, so ...
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How to Fade and Draw a Golf Ball
by Savannah Durbin. How many times have you had a bunch of trees slightly blocking your ball's path to the pin? Wouldn't it have been nice to be able to fade or draw the shot accordingly? It will take a bit of time at the range; but after a bit of practice, you will ...
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Keep your Leading Arm Firm for Better Pitches
by Joel L Nelson. The short game can make or break your score on the golf course. If you can consistently get up and down from 50 yards and in you can shoot very good scores even if your long irons and woods are not cooperating on a given round. One source of inconsi...
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Improve your Back Swing With a Basketball
by Kris Ruiter. I ran a golf school in my home town for a number of years. It was a small town of about 4000 people, with larger towns surrounding ours. One of the major roads that led to my
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The Perfect Golf Swing Setup Routine... Just Like the Pros
by Jon Barrett. The perfect golf swing can only start with the perfect setup.Absolutely everything in the golf swing is affected by your setup – bad setup = bad swing, good setup = good swing, it’s as simple as that.It has been claimed that 90% of swing...
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How To Perfect Your Putt So You Are Putting Like A Pro
by Gregg Hall. As a kid when someone mentions golfing the first thing that you will remember is going to your local place to putt and putting with your family. Even though when you were golfing back then it will begin to help you once you grow up and see that whe...
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How To Buy The Right Set Of Golf Clubs For You
by Gregg Hall. The best piece of info that anyone can give to someone else is having the right set of clubs. If you are a starter then maybe choosing your set of clubs will be a little harder. You will need to get the right set of clubs that goes with your heigh...
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Golf Tips to Cure your Slice and Improve your Ball Striking
by Joel L Nelson. The two most common problems golfers seem to struggle with are a) slicing the ball and b) inconsistent ball striking. Perhaps you blister it right off the sweet spot one time, and the next you hit it fat (behind the ball) or thin (on top of the ball...
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Golf Tips to Measure your Results on the Practice Range
by Joel L Nelson. Practice is important in any sport and golf is no exception. To really improve your game you must spend time fine tuning your swing. But many golfers simply "hit balls" on the practice range without checking to see if they are improving. Here are so...
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Another Use for your Head Covers
by Joel L Nelson. Here is an easy practice drill you can do right before that important first tee shot of a round. Take 2 of your head covers and place one under each arm so that it is held against your torso with your arms. You will basically have a head cover stick...
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Divots Tell an Important Story
by Joel L Nelson. It's simple physics. Newton's third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if you want your iron shots to go up (i.e. fly toward your target) you must hit down on the ball. But just pounding the ball ...
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How to Make Dramatic Improvement to Your Backswing!
by Verlyn Ross. A Backswing is defined as the motion of bringing the club from the ball to the top of the swing. It comes as no surprise that most people, including the great ones, first study their backswing in an attempt to determine areas where they can improve....
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How To Find The Right Golf Swing For You
by Gregg Hall. If you are going to be golfing then you need to find your tempo in with your swing so you will be able to just step up to your ball and make your swing. Once you have found your tempo then you can start really having fun and hitting the ball. Ever...
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Using Golf Rules Effectively
by Jim Brown. Anybody can learn to play golf because there are golf courses strategically placed all over the world. Playing golf by the rules established by the United States Golf Association might take some time to learn because there is a required reading list...
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Golf - a Posh Game or Good Relaxation?
by Trine Jorgensen. So Golf, ay?Is it still a game for the extremely wealthy or is it now becoming more and more accessable to the rest of us?It must be the latter. So many of my not wealthy friends have taken op Golf. And they love it. They are not very old so the thi...
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