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Play Golf Better
by jitesh. Do you want to bring your golf game to new level? The most important thing is to follow some fitness tips and techniques. Proper tips and techniques can improve your golf perform
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The Masters - Get Your Tickets to the Green
by Anna Woodward. Golf's popularity has been on the rise the last few years, especially now that young players have opened the game to a wider audience. These days, you can catch golf tournaments on TV as easily as football or basketball playoffs. But why sit at home...
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Mallorca - Perfect For 2008 Golf Holidays
by Roger Munns. If you're thinking about taking a golf holiday this year then Mallorca could be the perfect place to head for.Festive night life, year-round sunshine and great shopping aside, Mallorca has made a name for itself in the tourism industry as a paradise...
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Golf-how You Can Improve Your Game?
by jitesh. Key to better golf performance is consistency. The most important part of golf is a swing. It is very important to practice swing to improve golf performance. A swing needs flexibility as wel
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How Playing A Video Game Can Help Your Golf Game
by Chris McCann. Those of you that have played the Nintendo Wii know what I am talking about. But for those of you that don't don't know what the Nintenod Wii is, let me give you quick introduction. If you already know all about the Wii, then you can just jump down...
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Perfect Diet for Golfers
by jitesh. Like all other sports golf also needs endurance and stamina. A golfer needs to have a proper diet and nutrition for more energy and muscle endurance. Good golf nutrition contains food low in
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Golf the Correct Choice for a Magical Vacation in Caesarea
by rachel4u. The Neot Golf recreational village, a luxury complex surrounded by lawns, walking distance from the magical beaches of Caesarea, which provide the place with a breathtaking spectacle of blue sea and green vegetation, together creating the unique ser...
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Famous Golfers In A Nut Shell
by Phoenix Delray. Patty Berg is nationally recognized as one of the most accomplished women golfers. Born on February 13th, 1918 and was a golf school instructor, founding member and leading player on the LPGA, Ladies Professional Golf Association in the 1940s, fifti...
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Essential Golfing Tips For Pros
by Phoenix Delray. Golf experts do agree on something. Its not possible to play a good swing if your balance is not maintained. Keeping your balance sounds pretty simple. But its nigh impossible when you have a death grip on the club, your arms and shoulders are st...
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Golf Holiday Destinations Around The World
by Andrew Gibson. In recent years golf holidays and golf breaks have become very popular with golfers taking advantage of the growth in self catering apartments and holiday cottages available for rental. Golf breaks are popular in Scotland with many golfers renting a...
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Who Else wants a Golf Break in the Dominican Republic...
by Geoff Morris. When it comes to holiday times, do you find that your ideal vacation, and that of your partner, are diagonally opposed!Well, last year, I wanted to find somewhere for my wife and I, where we could both totally relax and unwind from our highly active...
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How Can I Lower My Golf Handicap?
by Chris McCann. Sure, Tiger Woods is physically gifted and has practiced golf for years. But that's not what Makes Tiger so great. It's his mental makeup, intestinal fortitude, heart of a champion, or what ever you want to call it that makes him stand above the o...
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What Women Should Look For When Considering Golf Club Sets
by Nazima Golamaully. An increasing number of women are now playing golf and manufacturers are beginning to realize this and target women golfers specifically in their advertising campaigns. This previously untapped market has mushroomed in recent years and is no longer ...
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Proper Position Will Make a Difference In Your Ball Striking
by Chris McCann. Now keep in mind these will take practice time on the driving range and putting green. As with anything it will take time to feel natural if you haven't already been doing this. But stick with it and I will promise you that with practice you will ...
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Choosing A Florida Golf School
by Phoenix Delray. When it comes to finding the perfect place to better your golf game, the sunny state of Florida is the perfect place to do so. From Jacksonville to Naples, Pensacola to Key West, and all points in between, there are over 900 courses designed to chal...
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What You Need to Know About Golf Fitness?
by jitesh. Every one who is involved in sports needs to be fit. Golf is a sport which needs special type of fitness. You need to perform some special exercises to give your best performance. Consistency
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Golf Fitness Program
by jitesh. If you want to improve your golf game then you need stabilization, control, coordination, strength and endurance. For a perfect swing you need a strong core. All the movements of a golfer dep
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Do You Know Enough About Golf Exercises?
by jitesh. Regular exercise is very important for a golfer. Regular workouts can increase your performance in couple of weeks. Golf players do not need to visit gymnasium but golf workouts can be done a
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Golf Training Aids
by jitesh. You need to be consistent if you want to play better golf. For improving your game you have to practice swing regularly. Regular practice will help you to develop a perfect swing. For a perfe
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Improve Your Golf Performance
by jitesh. Do you want to play golf better? You have to follow some fitness tips and techniques. If you will follow some tips and techniques it will help you a lot in improving your golf performance. If
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How to Hit That New Lob Wedge for Your Golf Game
by Chris McCann. Being a fellow lefty myself I absolutely love to Phil Mickelson hit is lob wedge. It is a thing of beauty! That is one aspect of his game where I do think he is better than tiger. Next time he's playing on TV take a look at what he does when he h...
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Knowing More About Golf
by Bercle George. Golf is played in an area of land designated a golf course. Golf has become a worldwide sport, with golf courses in the majority of countries. Golf is golf wherever you play in the world, with the same standard rules, which is particularly useful if...
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The Increasing Popularity Of Golf
by Bercle George. Golf originated at Saint Andrews, in Scotland. Golf is the sort of game that can be played in all sorts of weather conditions, especially if one wants a challenging game. Golf has increasingly turned into a spectator sport, with several different le...
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Why Buy Used Golf Balls?
by Dave Pipitone. Why should you spend good money on used golf balls? Golfers spend millions of dollars every year on buying new golf balls. There are dozens of brands and varieties out there. And there is only one thing that separates a brand new ball from a used on...
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Newer Golf Technology
by Brad Myers. Golf Technology is a wonderful thing. It has out heroes form yesterday like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson to stay competitive longer than they would have been able to otherwise. However, the good news is that the new golf technology has just not help...
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