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The Augusta National Golf Club: A Brief History
by LISA DAVIES. The Augusta National Golf Club was fonded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. It opened in 1932 and has been has been home to the prestigious Masters Tournament since 1934. Situated in Augusta Georgia, the course is one of the most well known cour...
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Aiming and Gripping the Golf Club
by Edward Biggs. A series of structured golf tips from the James Andrews School of Golf starting with aim and the grip.When aiming the sole of the club should be on the ground with the bottom front edge at a right angle to the target.The base of the little finger on...
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Now, Resolve to Master the Best of Chip Shots!
by Verlyn Ross. A chip shot can be one of the most difficult in the game of golf and requires a great deal of practice, but, in reality, is not that tough to master.Chipping is when you are so close to the green that you're talking feet, not yards (or at least not ...

Gifts For A Lady Who Loves To Play Golf
by Kenneth Scott. The craze of golfing is catching on, including the ladies, and it has become one of their favorite hobbies. So if you have a woman in your life that loves this game or it is you yourself, the new age golf loving female, there are plenty of options i...
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Some Warm Up Tips Before A Game Of Golf
by Kenneth Scott. When it comes to warming up for a golf game, a lot of golfers think that hitting the driving range is enough. Actually, working on your different swings and getting familiar with the weather conditions also help to make your golf game the best it ca...
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Get To Know How To Handle Golf Information?
by Ranju Kumar. How to find and incorporate the best golf information for your game.There are mountains of golf information available. As far back as the turn of the century, golfers wanted tips and techniques, and many golf professionals and authors were happy to ...
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GPS Equipped Golf Carts are in
by Jeffrey Veal. When you think of GPS, or global positioning systems, golf probably doesn't come to mind. Automobiles, boats, cell phones, etc., are most commonly associated with GPS. But lately,
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Find Golf Clubs and Equipment on the Internet
by Clint Jhonson. Is life keep on getting more and more stressful? Scientists have discovered recently that the stress of the daily life shortens considerably your chances of living a happy and long life. This is one of the reasons you should consider getting involve...
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Golf Clubs, Golf Equipment - the Key to a Great Golf Game
by Clint Jhonson. Golf is a very special sport that requires skills, but also the golf equipment that best suits you. Golf is one of the few sports than combines the possibility of admiring the wonders of Mother Nature with having to judge just the right trajectory t...
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Virtual Shops - All the Golf Clubs and Golf Equipment you Need!
by Clint Jhonson. Not many people know what golf is all about and they don't even know what they are missing. Golf is not dedicated to the rich and wealthy. Golf is a sport that although requires some practice and it can even be practiced by kids! I believe there is ...
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The Golf Equipment Makes a Difference
by Clint Jhonson. Golf is quite a popular sport in many countries and golf players seem to enjoy this sport very much and to do their best to excel when practising it. Nonetheless, a good golf player needs the best equipment, since it is known that this is the sport ...
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Gearing Up for Golf - Information for the Novice
by Ron King. Learning how to play golf requires more than just skill. Basic golf equipment and learning about your golfing needs are necessary features for gearing up for golf. Here are some golf tips for the amateur to aid you in learning how to play the game.F...
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Golf Tourism is Set to Become the Next Ace Up Bulgarias Sleeve
by Homes Overseas. Legends like Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Ian Woosnam are currently involved in designing several of the new golf courses. Savvy investors should keep their eye on this ball in the near future.Dream Homes Worldwide is presently marketing several B...
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Golf Injuries are for Real
by Jeffrey Veal. Golf injuries are amazingly common taking into account the light element of the sport. Being hit with a ball isn't the only way to suffer an injury playing the game. Because a hum
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Choosing the Right Golf Ball for your Game
by Mark Pearson. Golf Balls come in a range of compressions, multiple layer constructions and various dimple patterns. What does it mean and how do you choose the right ball for your game?
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How Far Do you Hit your Golf Ball?
by Mark Pearson. If you want to score well, you need to know precisely which club to take to get the ball to where you want it. That is, you need to select the club that, with most probability, wil
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In Search of the Perfect Golf Swing
by James Sherard. Another hectic workweek is behind you and Saturday has thankfully arrived. The scent of freshly cut grass lingers pleasantly in the air as you tee up for the first round of the day. With your practice swings completed you eagerly approach the ball, ...
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How to Improve your Tee Tactics
by Daniel. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR TEE TACTICHere are some tips on how to improve your tee tactics, good for all level of golfer as a new knowledge or as a reminder. Making mistakes are common but not acceptable if you want to become expert someday. Always a good ...
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A Push Pull Golf Cart Benefits
by Imanuel. Many large companies with many warehouses or factories also find a need for golf carts. You will find many manufacturers that produce these golf carts in either a manual push pull golf carts, electric golf carts or gas golf carts version. And for th...
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Cheating at the Game of Golf - Who Does it Hurt?
by Verlyn Ross. Golf is a self regulating sport that relies on the integrity of the participants. However, for truly bad golf stories, just ask your caddie. In a recent survey, nearly half said they believe that no less than 40% of golfers fudge. And whether ...
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How to Perfect your Golf Swing Without Expensive Lessons
by Malcom Davis. How to Perfect your Golf SwingThe difference between a good golfer and a great golfer, can more often than not, be put down their golf swing. At championships you will noti
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Golf Putting Tips : Old Vhs Tapes Can Help you Make Short Putts
by Kris Ruiter. Do you have any VHS cassettes lying around your house? If so, you have a great tool for improving your putting. Specifically putts inside of 10 feet. I know you may have to
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How you Can Improve your Golf Swing
by Jon Barrett. How do I improve my golf swing? This has got to be the number 1 question on the lips of a large percentage of amateur golfers. Well, there's one simply way to approach it.Golf swing improvement can only begin once you ...
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How to Keep your Golf Game in Shape in Winter
by Mark Pearson. In winter it can be quite a challenge to keep your golf game ticking over. Many of us just pack the clubs away into the garage and wait until spring to get them out again. Then we
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Mickelson Answers Putting Question
by Stacy Solomon. It's easy to see why professional golfers become distracted when Tiger Woods is somewhere in the pack. If he's only a few strokes back, chances are his resolve will carry him to
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