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Change your Golf Grips for Better Golf
by Mark Pearson. Putting new grips on your golf clubs can be a inexpensive and effective solution to quickly give you more consistency in your game.Most amateur golfers never change the
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Analysing Your Golf Scores and Identifing Areas to Improve
by Mark Pearson. If you want to improve your golf scores quickly, what is the first part of the game you should work on?Well before you can answer this question you need to analyse a rou
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How to Choose the Right Putter
by Mark Pearson. Go to any pro shop or golf store and take a look at the range putters for sale. There is a bewildering array of club shapes, lengths and styles. There are more types and variations
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Unique Resources For Golf Accessories
by Ranju Kumar. Numerous Golf accessories can make golf more entertaining and pleasurable.A golf player can raise the class of the game through accessorizing numerous items. You can get your favorite golf accessories like golf ball retrievers head covers, range fin...
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Some Helpful Exercise Tips To Help You Better Your Golf Game
by Gregg Hall. If you are a person that does nothing all day and you start to play the game of golf you may need to start getting some other exercise besides the sport that you are trying to play. If you are already in shape then you shouldn't even be reading this...
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The Little Known History of Golf Carts
by Otto Ruebsamen. Most golf courses are about 7,000 yards in length, which equates to about four miles.That measurement is normally measured in an almost straight line from the tee box to the center of the cup on each hole. However, most golfers do not hit the ball ...
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Golfing Tips To Help Those Just Beginning The Game Of Golf
by Gregg Hall. Learning how to play the game of golf can be harder then you may actually think. Instead of playing the new Nintendo Wii why don't you try and actually play it in real life. It is harder then you think when you are standing there trying to swing and...
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Putting Practice Tips
by Savannah Durbin. Putting is the one shot in golf in which you score. One putt and you can walk away with a birdie; three putt, and you have a bogey. In playing with golfers of all skill levels, I have noticed that putting is what sets apart the "very good" golfer...
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Golf: Chipping and Pitching Basics
by Savannah Durbin. Having precision in the short game is the key to low scoring in golf. If you can land the ball within a close distance of the hole from inside 120 yards, than consistent pars and birdies are easily attainable. This is where accurate pitching and c...
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A Good Golf Game Requires Comfortable Golf Shoes
by Gregg Hall. As with most all other sports the right shoe that you wear affects the way you play the game. That is why you need the right shoe for the right sport that you are playing so that you don't hurt you feet or break any bones while playing. The sport th...
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The Mental Side of Golf
by Richard Wright. I recently read a short story about Jack Nicklaus. He misses a short putt, and then a fan says to him, "Sorry you missed that one Jack." So then Jack says, "I didn't miss the putt. It just didn't go in."What I believe he was trying to say, was that ...
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Golf Lessons For The New Year
by Otto Ruebsamen. Every person who plays golf wants to shoot a low score, but they often find themselves with a handicap that hovers in a certain range for a long period of time. It is rare that someone drastically improves his or her game just by playing more often...
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Do you Know the Steps of a Golf Swing?
by Kevin T. Fairbanks. There are 6 basic steps in the golf swing that each golfer should be aware prior to each golf shot. Step number 1 is body alignment relative to the target. Start by standing 2 to 3 yards behind the golf ball, with your body and the ball forming a st...
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How To Make The Perfect Chip Shot
by Verlyn Ross. A chip shot can be one of the most difficult in the game of golf and requires a great deal of practice. In reality, though it's not that tough to master.Chipping is when your ball is so close to the green that we're talking about feet, not yards (...
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Elements of a Golf Swing
by Otto Ruebsamen. There are some basic elements of the golf swing that the golfer should use as a mental checklist when taking a shot. The first element is the body alignment toward the target. Stand five to ten feet behind the ball, with the ball directly between y...
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Golf: Mental Game Tips
by Savannah Durbin. I am sure you have heard people say that golf is 90 percent mental. If you have played golf before, I think you will find this point hard to argue. I have had countless times, where a simple thought in my head caused my usually rhythmic swing to ...
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Women and Golf: Tips for Women Golfers
by Savannah Durbin. With the sport of golf gaining such mainstream popularity, it is no surprise that more and more women are starting to pick up golf clubs and head out to the course. Whether you are a young lady following in the footsteps of your parents, or a wife...
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Learn to Grip a Golf Club
by Savannah Durbin. The first thing that is done when you pick up a gold club is to grip it. Learning to properly grip a golf club must be pretty important then, right? Yes, it sure is! The fundamentals of your swing are based around a proper grip. It is therefore...
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Curing a Slice
by Savannah Durbin. The slice is one of the most common problems in amateur golfers. Sometimes it may seem like the farther left the ball is aimed, the farther right it will travel. Curing a slice can be challenging, but once you identify what you are doing wrong; y...
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Private Golf Courses Vs. Public Golf Courses
by Savannah Durbin. One of the many dilemmas of a golfer is: "Should I spend a lot of money on joining a private club, or do I play at public courses?" There is no right or wrong answer; it just depends on what you are looking for. Both private golf courses and publ...
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Golf Club Jobs
by Savannah Durbin. Working at a golf course can be a very beneficial experience; just the free golf alone makes it worthwhile, not to mention all the connections that can be made. Golf club jobs are perfect for teenagers looking to get into golf, retired people looki...
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How to Overcome Inertia in Golf
by Jimmy Cox. One great secret of golf is to overcome inertia. Muscles have a mind of their own, and do not like to make any move unless impelled to do so. Once they begin to move, the muscles do not seem to care. We must harness this tendency in ourselves to con...
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Bulgaria Set to Become Golfing Nirvana
by Adam Singleton. Bulgaria is fast becoming first choice for many UK holidaymakers taking summer or skiing holidays, and now it looks set to become a mini-paradise for golfers too, as developers invest heavily in building a number of prestigious signature golf course...
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Golf Malaga: Tips for your Golf Holidays in Malaga
by Manish. Malaga is the European golf capital for good reason. There are now over 50 championship quality golf courses on the Costa Del Sol. The courses are very well complemented with excellent faciliti
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Golf Tips - Top Ways To Cure Your Slice
by Shakil Zaman. Slicing a golf ball is a common problem faced by many amateur golfers. The problem with slicing a golf shot is that it usually results in a poor shot both in lack of distance and direction. It is important to solve this problem in order to lower you...
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