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A Better Game Starts With A Better Golf Ball!
by Abhishek Agarwal. The word 'Golf' is the modified name of Colf which used to be played as a fun game in Holland in the 15th century. That time golf used to be considered as one of the royal game among all other games played in Europe. Now it's very popular game and i...
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Putt the Ball Into the Hole
by Randall Ulbricht. The strokes you take on the green during your golf game wind up being about 40 percent of your score. Wild, isn't it? We spend $500 on drivers to gain 10 yards and give it all away in just one or two three-putts and/or missed four-footers. As a cor...
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8 Important Golf Rules For Beginners
by Abhishek Agarwal. Golf is a very simple game if you are acquainted with the rules and make this rules your habit while playing one can be the highest scorer in this game. Lets discuss some basic rules without which you might be the biggest loser in the green.It is n...
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Perfecting Your Golf Swing
by Shawn Hickman. On the driving range I often see golfers swinging to the top of their backswing and stopping and trying to see if the golf club is positioned correctly. Naturally this is a very, very hard way to tell if the backswing is in "the slot" so to speak.If...
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How to Improve Your Golf Game: 3 Tips
by Dee Power. Golfers are bombarded with advertisements for the latest fabulous, amazing high-tech golf equipment, clubs with the magic power of wizard's wands and golf balls that soar far out into the heavens, or behave as they are being operated by remote contr...
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Getting Fitted to Play your Best Golf
by Kennard McGill. Taking that leap from a high handicap golfer to a low handicap golfer can come down to having the right clubs in your hands. Golfers come in all sizes and shapes. Yet there are a lot of golfers who attempt to play the game of golf with clubs that do...
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Difference Between Graphite Golf Shafts anf Steel Golf Shafts
by Jeff Summitt. Shafts for golf clubs are primarily made of either steel or graphite. The steel shafts are made from a carbon steel alloy and protective chrome plating is applied to prevent it from rusting. A graphite shaft can also be called a composite shaft beca...
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How to Save Money on Golf Equipment and More
by Dee Power. What most golfers don't know about saving money and enjoying the game more. It's as simple as this: Golfers can save money on golf and still play their beloved game.Too many of us end up paying full retail price for clubs at a pro shop when great de...
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How to Swing a Golf Club
by Hanan Ben Lulu. As an intermediate golfer i am concerned all the time about inconsistency, slicing and distance. However, I also know that Golf is one of the most difficult game to master and most golfers like me often don't have the time to put into it nor the tim...
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Taking a Swing at Golf Pro School
by Andy West. Attending a golf pro school isn't just about learning to become the next big thing in golf. The number of careers spawning from the booming industry has created a need for everything from golf club managers to golf club repair technicians. Those wit...
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Golf Through a Childs Eyes
by Stephen Long. I was fortunate as a youth to grow up on a golf course. Besides the scenic view, there were numerous benefits to living on the golf course.I could pull up a lawn chair and obser
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Why Custom Golf Clubs Will Improve your Game
by Jeff Summitt. Your golf game will improve with a set of custom golf clubs because you will have equipment that is specifically made not only to your unique physical characteristics but also to your playing abilities. Need Proof?Studies done by Golf.com over 18 mo...
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Golf Clubs - A Beginners Guide
by Martin Haworth. With the help of movies like Tin Cup, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Happy Gilmore and of course the comedy classic Caddyshack, the sport of Golf is quickly becoming less of a sport to sneer at and more of a sport to play if you want to seem 'cool'.Rec...
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Deciding On A Golf Degree, Surprising Advantages
by Andy West. Although you can get lessons at your local golf club, there are many reasons why you might want to pursue a golf degree at a professional golf academy. Even if you have no intention on going pro, you may be surprised at the advantages that such a pr...
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7 Must Have Golf Career Profiles
by Andy West. If you are looking for a golf career, but are afraid of being lost in the low-paying, low-prestige end of the industry, pay close attention to this: While it is true that there are an abundance of such jobs, there are also many more prestigious golf...
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Golfing Legends and What Put Them There
by Ivanovich Cuxev. While there are many golfers in the world who do quite well at the links, there are a few that can be considered to be golfing legends. Among these legends are men who have walked on every golf course in the nation and played some of the toughest h...
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How To Golf
by Saleem Rana. One of the most common swing mistakes for the amateur golfer is the slice, an unwelcome shot that creates much side-spin on the ball causing it to cut hard to the side. It is a frustrated golfer who plays a slice and he will find it very hard to cor...
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Golf Bags: Equipment That Should Be Taken Seriously
by Jim Brown. After finishing a session with the pro on how to master that swing, it is now time to buy the equipments. This is the exciting part since buying sports equipment in general tends to excite the player and feel how it pars with the other brands. So by...
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Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--want to Golf All Winter?
by Jim Scherrer. Are you tired of shoveling snow, scraping windshields, and wading through slush throughout the winter? Would you prefer having the ability to play golf everyday this winter? If so, y
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The Rich Dont Need Golf Discounts - Do They?
by Kennard McGill. Do rich people need golf discounts? I suppose they don’t even think about anything with the word discount attached to it? Maybe the rich people who golf have so much money that the thought of golf discounts never enters their mind? With all ...
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The Rhyme And Reason Behind Buying Personalized Golf Gifts
by Gregg Hall. You may be thinking why personalized golf gifts are so famous these days. This type of gift does have some things that make them stand out more than others. When people look for special presents like this, personalized golf gifts can become very app...
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Golf In Whistler During The Summer
by Dan Wallace. Whistler, British Columbia is a thriving town of about 10,000 permanent residents. Whistler's population can swell to over 40,000 during peak months.The Whistler community represents a mix of residents from athletes and entrepreneurs to artists. The...
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Bunker Golf | Breaking Free From the Sand Trap
by Aidan Sugrue. The Real Trap - Nothing tests a golfers character more than the sand trap. This is because the sand trap is mostly a "mental trap" rather than an "actual trap". Just watch the way you react when you see your ball land in the trap! Most golfers have ...
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Golf Slice Cure
by Aidan Sugrue. Tee to Tree - The dreaded slice has ruined the attitudes of countless golfers for decades. Although your tee shot may seem ok at first, it starts to curve to the right and becomes hopelessly lost in a frightful collection of looming trees and crackl...
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Golfclubset.info - your Online Golf Resource
by lazysubmit. Choosing the right set of Golf Clubs for yourself. If you are thinking about taking up golf as a recreational sport, then the realization has hit you that you will need to purchas

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