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Golf Mind Play: Trusting your Gut Instinct
by Tracy Tresidder. Are you listening to your instincts? Accomplished golfers regularly rely on their instincts and play their shots accordingly. An old adage states that in an
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Golf Mind Play: We Attract What We Fear
by Tracy Tresidder. Is the fear of failure sabotaging your game? A golfer who fears failure is incapable of maintaining flow, which leads to inconsistent and poor shots. In oth
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Golf Mind Play: What you Focus on Expands
by Tracy Tresidder. Why is it so difficult to overcome challenges on the golf course? In order for an individual to make something happen, it is a scientific fact that the even
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Outstanding Golf in an Outstanding Setting
by Lindsay Chapman. Each weekend all over the UK, people load up their cars with their golf clubs and waterproofs, and take to the golf course. A social and popular pastime, enjoyed by many ages, golf is a wonderful outdoor sport, where the setting and elements can pla...
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Play Golf To Seal That Business Deal
by Shaun Parker. Business and golf are synonymous. It is said that 8 out of 10 people that play golf are in a business decision making position and that playing golf with clients offers an 85% better chance of securing a business deal than other conventional methods...
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Supporting A Golf Habit
by Jim Brown. The family budget can get stretched pretty thin if there is a golf fanatic in the house. The golfing widow might begin to worry about how a spouse's golf game will fit into married life once they retire. The budget will certainly show a lot of wear ...
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Tips on How to Sink More Putts and Shoot Lower Scores
by Shakil Zaman. Putting is perhaps the most mental aspect of the game of golf. The ball is just sitting there on the green and you can take as much or as little time as you want to hit your putts. Learning how to putt well will require discipline and effort on your...
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Searching for the Perfect Golf Swing?
by KAYE DENNAN. Wanting the perfect Golf Swing? Then here’s how!'PERFECTING YOUR GOLF SWING - A step-by-step Guide to Mastering the fundamentals of a Winning Swing' will teach you the secret of the perfect golf swing as well as specific strategies and techniq...
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Golf Grip Tips - How to Find your Best Golf Grip
by Terry Edwards. Golf grip tips are important for so many reasons, but are often not given much thought. Many newer golfers mistakenly believe you can hold the golf club any which way and then strike a drive down the center of the fairway. I wish it were that easy.I...
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Preparing Yourself Mentally Before a Golf Game
by Tracy Tresidder. What makes golf appear so easy when it really is quite challenging?There are few games where you actually hit a stationary ball. Beginners often assume that
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Hole in One in Bali
by Komang Setiabudi. Holiday and sport is a good combination.Works are for people who don’t play golf. Play golf is for people who don’t go to work. Are you a free this weekend or at the end of this year? If yes, you invited to play golf in Bali. There are...
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San Diego Golf-have the Fires Hurt the Courses?
by Roy Eshbaugh. With the headlines about the wildfires around San Diego, many phone calls have come into our offices at the Golf Guys recently about San Diego and, of course, the golf courses. If you are planning a golf trip to San Diego, don’t let the fires ...
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Extensive Range of Golf Gadgets
by Golfbuyitonline. golf equipment comes in various sizes, shapes and prices and while they cannot give you the perfect swing, they can be used to make the game of golf more interesting and convenient and less strenuous.Different types of golf equipment can really add ...
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Golf Training Aids - Can They Really Improve your Game
by Tracy Patton. Looking to improve or maintain a respectable golf handicap, who isn’t? A low golf handicap is difficult to achieve and especially difficult to keep up if you’re not lucky enough to play on a regular basis. One proven solution is the us...
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Lowe Golf Handicap Tips
by Shakil Zaman. Golf is a tough game to master and you need all the help you can get to learn how to lower your handicap. It is possible to reduce your golf scores but there is no magic shortcut. You will need to put the time and effort in to practice and learn the...
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How to Play Golf Without Paying Any Green Fees
by Michael. The answer is really very simple, and you’re going to kick yourself when you realise what it is. Not that you’re losing any money by reading this and finding out wha
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How to Grip the Golf Club
by Jimmy Cox. Good iron play requires a good grip. Without such a grip it is virtually impossible to control your shots to the green and score with any degree of consistency. Most golfers, particularly beginners, fail to appreciate the importance of the grip and ...
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Selecting The Best Golf Courses
by Jim Brown. It is easy for an amateur golfer to select which golf course is best to hone their skills because the golf course that is close to home will be used more often and serve the needs of the new golfer best. A new golfer will have to learn about the rul...
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When Would It Be The Right Time To Buy Golf Clubs
by Jim Brown. Golf is dubbed as a rich man's sport. This may hold true to some golfers who tend to spend a lot on golf club membership shares and top of the line golf equipments plus hiring a pro trainer. But for those who really love the game of golf, there are ...
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Methods Used To Improve A Golf Game
by Jim Brown. Golfers that are truly committed to their chosen sport will often find that they need to take extreme measures to improve their golf game. They will naturally proceed to the local golf course and use the putting green for hours to perfect the stroke...
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The Green And Fairways Golf Fashion
by Jim Brown. For every sport there are certain equipments designated for it. Gears like body hugging spandex are good for biking since it lessens the drag brought by loose clothing. For volleyball, the players should wear shorts that do not touch the knee so it...
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Replacing Your Golf Cart Engine With A Kohler Command
by Ben Anton. Small engines, like those in your standard golf cart or mower, can receive excessive wear when they aren't properly maintained, and this wear can result in both a loss of power and an increased likelihood of electrical systems failing when attemptin...
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Arizona Golf Schools Give You The Upper Hand
by Andy West. If you live in the Southwest United States and are an avid golfer, you are in luck. Arizona is known for its golf courses and golf academies. Arizona golf schools are fun, educational and great exercise for both children and adults. They provide a u...
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Exercises to Help with the Golf Backswing
by Jimmy Cox. Before you properly set up alongside the ball in a position from which to commence the first operation in swinging the club, you would do well to get started with some excellent exercises which will help with your backswing. Obviously if you are gri...
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Retire To The Golf Course
by Tim Stewart. Retiring to the golf course doesn't need to be just a dream. It also doesn't have to mean retiring to Florida or Arizona either. For that matter, it doesn't mean that you need to wait until you're ready to retire to start looking into golf club home...
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