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Golf Equipment: Gearing Up
by Nicholas Tan. Like any other sports, golf requires that you are geared up correctly to be able to properly play the game. This article will give you an idea of basic golf equipment one requires to be
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How to Master and Perfect the Golf Swing
by Jeff Taylor. After having played, practiced, and experimented with my own golf swing over a period of some 30 years, I have reached some rather definite conclusions concerning the swing and its execution. These conclusions, which I have boiled down into four cat...
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Womens Open Awaits Annika Sorenstam
by Cindy Ferguson. Sorenstam has suffered from injuries in a disk in her back as well as a shattered disk in her neck since 1999. One of her biggest goals at the present time is to recover before the end of June for this year’s tournament to have a shot at beco...
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What is in a Golf Ball?
by Nicholas Tan. In the chemistry of air pressure, turbulence, and aerodynamics, surface structures are vital physical element. History has it that there are things that seem to be peculiar on their make
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Golf Tips - Golf Equipment
by Nicholas Tan. Blaming your moves, shots and swings for your golf mishits and mishaps? Well, no matter how much time and effort you have been spending over practicing your moves to perfect your game, y
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Custom Golf Club
by Nicholas Tan. Every golfer's physical capability and swing is distinctive. Many of today's best golf clubs can be custom fit for lie angle, shaft type and length, grip type and size. Custom fitting
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Callaway Golf Club
by Nicholas Tan. The Callaway golf club is one of the most popular and also reliable types of golf club in the market today. There are so many people (particularly retired men) that are fascinated with g
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Golf in San Diego
by Jonathan Blocker. If you live in a cold climate and crave the sun, you might decide to head out to sunny San Diego for your next vacation. You can enjoy the many beaches and luxuriate in the climate, which is similar to what you would find in the Mediterranean. B...
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History of Golf Tournaments
by Jonathan Blocker. There are many types of enjoyable exercise, but one that comes to the top of the list is the game of golf. There are golf courses in nearly every community in the United ...
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The Key to Better Golf
by Staffan Moritz. Golf experts do agree on something. It’s not possible to play a good stroke if your balance isn’t maintained throughout the swing. Keeping your balance sounds pretty simple. But it’s nigh impossible when you have a death grip...
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Golf Etiquette: A Very Important Part Of The Game
by LISA DAVIES. If you are a novice golfer you need to be aware of the importance of golf etiquette within the Official Rules of Golf. For the inexperienced player, golf etiquette can be a minefield so it pays to get to grips with the appropriate way to behave if y...
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Improve Your Score With The Proper Golf Swing
by Fred Armstrong. Who can better understand the importance of the golf swing than the weekend or amateur golfer who sprays his shots all over the course with slices and hooks? By giving attention to your golf swing and improving it, you can not only improve your sco...
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The Golfswing and How To Improve It
by jeff ryall. When anyone thinks about the basic elements of the golfswing they think about the grip, stance, and position of the ball and so on. People always think about the physical aspects of the game and thats only natural as thats what is in the magazines a...
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Is Golf and Corporate America A Match Made in Heaven?
by Graham Johns. America's top executives love the game of golf! What is it about the game of golf that makes it s appealing to the corporate world? Why do so many multi million dollar deals happen over a round of golf? Golf and corporate American have been linked ...
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Three Misconceptions about Playing Golf Well
by Jimmy Cox. What could be simpler than golf? There lies a perfectly quiet, still ball, ready to be dispatched to the desired spot. The player can take as much time as he wants and he has a whole kit full of clubs specifically designed to produce whatever effect...
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Amazing Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing
by Helen Hecker. It's important to remember, your golf swing is what drives your score; not your clubs or ball. When you're playing golf badly it isn't a lot of fun. It takes a great deal of skill, mental fortitude and perseverance to excel at golf.If you've hit wit...
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How To Choose The Right Golf Equipment For You
by LISA DAVIES. Choosing the right golf equipment is very important and it is not just about how much you spend on it that counts. There is a huge array of golf equipment available to day, both on- and offline so it can be quite confusing when you are just starting...
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Selecting a Golf Video or DVD to Advance your Game
by Alex Bezborodko. There is no doubt about it, the golf video and DVD business is booming as some of the great names in golf release training and advice on these mediums. The great thing is, the golf video and DVD business not only stands to benefit those that make a...
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How To Find Golf Instruction Online Free
by Amanda Fain. Golf lessons are expensive. For most of us, it's just not possible to go out on the green with a one-on-one trainer, as much as we'd like to.But, here's an idea. Imagine if you could have a one-on-one lesson with a professional golfer or highly reno...
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Yoga Retreats And Golf - Strange Bedmates Or Not?
by Rebecca Prescott. In the same way that golf is becoming more open to women players, yoga is beginning to be more appealing and acceptable for men. The discovery that certain yoga postures are an excellent way to improve your golf swing, has led to the formation of r...
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Golf - Courses of the Ageless Game
by Alan Tang. Before we begin to give you additional information on this topic, take a moment to think about how much you already know.The game of Golf as we know it has been played ever because 1672 in Scotland. because that time, it has become very prevalent. G...
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Discounted Golf Product Shopping
by Victor Nunn. There is not a store in America that anyone actually wants to pay full price for an item. When you are buying golf equipment, you can go to many brick and mortar based buildings for golfing tools, balls, and other equipment or you can choose to exp...
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Pain-Free Golf | Stretch As You Go!
by Aidan Sugrue. We all grow by stretching and just like any other aspect of your life, a little stretching can literally grow your golf game to your next level of excellence. Unless you're a circus performer, or your name is Jimmy Olson, it's highly-unlikely that y...
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Spain Golf Vacation
by Peter Wilson. There are many options when it comes to golf in Spain. In the warmer areas there are plenty of places to golf especially for the holidays near the coast. There have been many resorts and courses that have been established in the areas near the coas...
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Callaway Golf Clubs: New Or Used, Still The Best
by Donna Deerkoski. Callaway golf is the undisputed leader in golf club technology and sales. The company is constantly developing new products and improving existing products to ensure that Callaway golf drivers, woods and putters outperform the competion. In 2003 Cal...
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