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Keeping Golf In The Family
by Irene Forde. During the middle years of the 20th century it was usually the norm that the man in the family would go out for the afternoon with his buddies and spend the day playing golf. However as more women became interested in golf,they started playing too....
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The Mental Game of Golf
by Irene Forde. Playing golf requires a lot of skill and endurance, as well as a mental attitude to the game that can separate a successful round of golf from a nightmare. The player needs to clearly think through each and every shot, without becoming stressed or ...
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The History of Golf
by Irene Forde. A golf-like game is recorded as taking place on 26 February 1297, in the Netherlands, Here the Dutch played a game with a stick and leather ball.Whoever hit the ball into a target several hundreds of meters away the most number of times usually won....
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Golf Etiquette - An Easy Guide to Basic Golf Etiquette
by Martin Haworth. Golf etiquette guidelines are usually related to three distinct areas: taking care of the golf course, displaying courtesy toward other golfers, and the problem of slow play.1. Looking After the Golf CourseSand Traps.Chances are you didn't want to b...
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How Custom Golf Clubs Can Improve your Golf Game
by Ant Onaf. Custom Golf Clubs Improve Your GameDo you love to play golf but are tired of having to visit the golf club repair shop on a regular basis? If this is the case then you are li
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Adams Golf Clubs For The Golfer In Your Life
by David Faulkner. One of the best games for getting out and staying in good physical shape is golf. People of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a fun and healthy game. Many people, who like the thought of being able to play a game in the outdoors and get a bit of...
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The Practice Regimen
by Anthony Marcus. The Practice RegimenBy: Anthony Marcushttp://www/golfguidehome.comLike most amateur golfers, I want to hit the ball like the pros. ...
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Golf Apparel - More Than Just Looking Good
by Darlene Berkel. Clothing is important, but just because you look like a pro golfer, it does not mean that you will suddenly be ready to compete with your pros, but, in some ways, it can help your game. Proper apparel can make you look better, and make other golfer...
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Eliminate Back Pain With Golf Exercises
by Paul Counts. The facts of the matter are that a golfer with a back problem will always face an uphill and maybe impossible task when it comes to improving on their game. The back will always come in the way of any efforts at improvement. This is where golfer bac...
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Effective Golf Swing Practice Tips
by Rick Calligaris. Even with simple golf swing lessons, instructional videos and store-purchased aids, your golf game will continue the way it has been without consistent and efficient practice. Consistent because practice sessions involve exercises that are meant to ...
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The Next Major the 2007 Open Championship Carnoustie Scotland
by Martin Dawson. The Next Major The 2007 Open Championship Carnoustie, Scotland July 19th-22nd Situated on the East coast of Scotland, "Carnasty" as it is sometimes irreverently called since it las...
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Easy Ways To Learn How to Play Your Golf Better
by Martin Haworth. Here are some great ways to focus on your game that will make a big difference, almost immediately, if you take a little time to work them into your play.1. Prepare Yourself WellMentally give yourself the time to start to calmly prepare for your gam...
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Unique Golf Memorabilia on Sale for Charity
by Mike Harding. Master clubmaker Nick Pearce has produced a 'one off' unique and very collectable piece of Golf Memorabilia for any golfing enthusiast, to raise money towards a permanent memorial to honour those ...
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Golf Putt | Perfect Putting Posture
by Aidan Sugrue. One of the quickest ways to improve your putting game is to improve your posture. Jack Nicklaus was the first great golfer who made it popular to put your eyes directly over the ball when you are putting. This is very hard to do for many golfers so ...
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Vacation Golf Package Ideas
by Darren Dunner. Golf is definitely a game most of us would like to play with our family and friends. We all plan in a very big way for our next golf vacation. We do good amount of online research to find the best destinations and to find better packages to make tha...
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Golf - Fundamentals Are The Foundation
by Jeff O`Brien. Concentrate on the FundamentalsAs a beginner, you must attempt to stay away from everything except the basics of the golf grip, stance and swing. Building a good solid foundation from which to work off of is a must.The specialty or more intricate re...
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Some Golf Tools you Need on the Course
by Alex Bezborodko. There are many golf tools available that a golfer may use. There are tools used to help improve a golfer's game and tools to help keep the golf equipment in good condition. Then there are tools used to repair and even assemble golf equipment. Depend...
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5 Quality Golf Courses in Nevada
by Sunil Tanna. Nevada is of course a popular vacation destination, especially the cities of Las Vegas and ...
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Costa De La Luz Golf Spain
by Grahame Simpson. The Costa de la Luz is a great golfing destination all year round and is being enjoyed by golfers from many countries, more and more. The Costa de la Luz stretches from Huelva region
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Costa Ballena Golf Course Spain
by Grahame Simpson. Costa Ballena golf has some of the courses holes running parallel with the Atlantic as its location is south west Spain, North of Cadiz and East of Jerez and Seville.The C
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Golf Costa Del Sol, Spain (mijas Los Olivos Tips)
by Grahame Simpson. Mijas Golf Course is very popular on the Costa del Sol and offers two courses to play Los Lagos (the lakes) and Los Olivos. Designer Robert Trent Senior has built this course with les
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11 Excellent Public Golf Courses in Michigan
by Sunil Tanna. The United States is blessed with many beautiful public courses, and the state of Michigan is no exception. In this article, we'll review some of the best courses in ...
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6 Superb Golf Courses in Florida
by Sunil Tanna. Florida is well known as as both a vacation and retirement destination, and as you might expect, is home to many excellent golf courses. In this article, we will review some of beautiful public golf courses in ...
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6 Excellent Golf Courses in California
by Sunil Tanna. California is home many excellent public golf courses, some of which overlook the Pacific Ocean. In this article, we will review some of beautiful public golf courses in ...
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Golf Basics - Choosing Your Putter
by Jeff O`Brien. The three lowest priorities to consider when choosing a putter are:*The kind your best friend, who happens to be a great putter... unless of course you have had a chance to actually putt with it and you truly do like it.*The one that looks nice or i...
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