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How to Use Irons Golf
by Sherman Choo. All good players in history are good iron players. The irons can get us out of a bad lie, it can set us up for a birdie putt, it can help us to recover from a bad tee drive. Being a good iron player will do justice to that 250 - 300 m drive. Hitting...
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The Best Start With Beginner Golf Swing Instruction
by Steve A Madigan. Coming from someone who has been playing golf for over 40 years, if you are thinking about starting to take up the game start with some tips for beginner golfers. A beginner golf swing instruction set of lessons if probably the best thing that you ...
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How Rocco Rocked Tiger to Sudden Death
by Eric Bonilla. The Rocco Mediate story- What does his story have to do with strength training?The very fact that Rocco was out on the golf course this past weekend was a testament to his hard work
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Mastering Your Emotion on the Golf Course
by Annette Huygens Tholen. Golf is known to be more of a mental game than a physical game. Jim Flick, mentor to Jack Nicklaus, has said "The mindset or attitude you bring to the game determines not only
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Who Else Needs a Computerised Golf Trainer...
by Geoff Morris. How many times do you struggle with your golf handicap, and find that you are no longer enjoying your game?I have a picture of a fantastic golf course as a screen saver on my computer - I am looking at a fairway that stretches through a beautiful gl...
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Golf Swing Lessons
by Rob Bernard. Isn't what you're looking for a consistent, reliable golf swing that you can count on at that first tee when everyone's watching? People spend millions of dollars each year purchasing
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Little Known Ways To Stay Down Through Your Golf Shots
by Max Johnson. Discovery of your "physical limitations" is the first step to a lifelong better game of golf and you can set up a game plan to improve it by strecthing for golf. Your swing faults be a flexibility issue. It may be a strength issue. Irregardless, you...
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Junior Golf Instruction - How To Start Your Child
by Max Johnson. Your kids are getting to the age that they would like to start to play golf and you are wondering when to start a junior golf instruction program. Knowing when to start and how to find the right junior golf lessons for a child are crucial components...
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Swing Speed Is Important, Is It?
by Tom Masters. A common myth that "swing speed" is a specific skill that should be perfected, is believed by many beginner golf players. For some reason, these new golf players are under the impression that having the correct swing speed is something that should b...
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Boot Camp For Chip Shots
by Max Johnson. Are you frustrated with your short game? It happens quite often. You feel like you have put in your time at the practice facility and do not know what to do next. Knowing the fundamentals of a chip shot will help you get the golf ball close to the h...
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Golf is the Most Difficult Sport in the World to Play
by Alan Wilson. GOLF IS THE MOST DIFFICULT SPORT IN THE WORLD TO PLAY?There is no reason to make it harder by using poorly suited equipment. If you want to play your best go
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Are There Amazing Putting Secrets?
by Max Johnson. Rumor has it that there must be some amazing putting secrets that most amateurs do not know and that is why they continue to three putt. Wrong! The answer is very simple. Most amateurs can not get the distance correct for the putt they are trying to...
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Avoid Being Caught With Bad Etiquette On The Driving Range
by Tom Masters. When just starting out with the game of golf, you have to spend most of your time on the driving range. It teaches you to focus on a target and offers you the opportunity to learn the distance at which each of your golf clubs can hit at, and help yo...
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Used Golf Balls and Back Yard Practice
by Dave Pipitone. Are you satisfied with your golf score? If you want to impress your golf buddies, but keep shooting the same score in the 100's after months into the golf season, you have to make a change. How? Practice!Let's face it, the golf season in most areas ...
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Phil Mickelson a Major Champion
by Eddie Delgado. Phil Mickelson, an American professional golfer, nicknamed "Lefty" for his left-handed swing has been considered one of the greatest golfers of his generation. His left handed swing br
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The Truth Behind The Perfect Golf Swing - The Backswing
by Tom Masters. The objective of every golfer is to hit the ball with as much power and accuracy as he or she can deliver. That without falling over - or without compromising on balance and form. To do this, you have to give it all you've got, without making the co...
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Tom Linskey - Linskeys Laws
by Tony de Kort. Tony:? Welcome to another interview, and this is Tony de Kort fromwww.sliceyourgolfhandicap.com

Course Mental Plan
by Tony de Kort. Tony de Kort:? Welcome to this interview and welcome again to www.sliceyourgolfhandicap.com.? This w
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Do You Need A Belly Putter?
by Max Johnson. On Thursday and Friday, Sergio Garcia conquered the greens at The Open Championship with a belly putter. What length of putter is right for you? How do you find the correct putter length for you? Conventional PutterA conventional putter would be mea...
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Chipping Lessons That Really Work - I Am Not Joking
by Max Johnson. We have all heard during our chipping lessons that you must get the ball rolling on the green as soon as possible. We have heard it from our golfing buddies to our local PGA Professional. Is it always a good idea to get the ball rolling as soon as p...
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What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Golf Stand Carry Bag
by Max Johnson. While attempting to find a new golf stand carry bag, you need to have all the information so you can make the best decision for yourself. A golf stand carry bag is simply a carry bag with a stand that is spring-loaded. This allows the stand to pull ...
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How To Boost Your Golfing Skills
by Ranju Kumar. Golf is a game which needs both physical and mental abilities to score more. The mental skills are much important than the physical skills. One has to think a lot in order to succeed in this brilliant game. Here are some points which will help you t...
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Putting Set Up To Make More Putts
by Max Johnson. You hear it all the time: The quickest way to lower your golf score is to practice and improve your putting. Putting is a great way to learn how to play golf. Any golfer can obtain success very quickly and enjoy the great game of golf by learning h...
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Three Putting Musts To Make More Putts
by Max Johnson. To play golf at a high level, the game is about making birdies and not three putting. This simply means you have to make putts. To become a confident putter under pressure, it will take some practice time to work with your stroke. The three drills b...
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How To Hit A Lob Shot Today
by Max Johnson. All good golfers, especially those on the PGA or LPGA Tour, are very good ay hitting a lob shot or a flop shot. The lob shot we will discuss will be from about 30 yards and will be players with a 56 or 60 degree wedge. Many say the lob shot is a ris...
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