It takes vision to realise what’s lacking in a local market. And it takes excellence to be able to bring to life the dreams of those with a special occasion in mind. With proms and special affairs like wedding on the rise, Daniel Yam’s foray into the market has managed to serve a demographic once left out by the highly priced labels. Couple that with a human nature’s need for wanting to look gorgeous without looking outrageous, the brand has been the answer for many in need of one.

Clean lines married with amazing detailing define the make of a Daniel Yam piece. Set against a silhouette that is just oh-so-flattering, they allow for any girl or lady to shine without being drowned by the at-times unnecessary needs for embellishments. A firm believer in colours, the usually subtle yet eye-catching template that Daniel has played on sets his line apart from other brands. A sea of purples, blues and everything else will welcome you when you step into a Daniel Yam section. Classy with hints of sensuality, the options you have laid in front of you will definitely spoil you. Usually made from soft materials, his outfits allow for the clothes to ‘sway’ gently with every movement. It is not hard to recognise a Daniel Yam outfit. You will know when you see it.

This outstanding achievement of being instantaneously recognised arose from his sincerity in making garments for his clients. His design and creativity, which may come across as safe at times, come from the heart and driven by this engine, he is able to convey a message of confidence and certainty through his frocks. He believes that to look good, first and foremost, it’s about being comfortable with your body and then with what you’re putting on your body. While many tried to fit their clients into a mould shaped by the runways, Daniel is open to the idea of differences and welcomes them with an artistic expression. Rarely will you come across a design that looks great on a waifish model figure as it will on a full voluptuous one. The cuts and the materials just flow on any body as naturally as water taking the shape of its vase.

However, that being said, his clothes can be bold and daring too. His tops can come in unique shapes with elements like lines being used to further accentuate them or with a play on the straps to cater to the vixens in all of us. Usually placed at strategic areas, these architectural spices have served to highlight and accentuate what every woman believes to be her best feature. Be it your broad shoulders, your shapely back or your flat stomach, there is one to make sure your preferred part gets projected in the most refined outline.

It is this understanding that catapults the line to its height now. Daniel Yam stores can now be found in Thailand and Malaysia as well. Paired with very affordable prices, everything from his tops, bottoms and not to mention, dresses have been able to make a lasting impression for the wearer. Having been a staple in Singapore ’s fashion scene, with an appearance due at the coming Singapore Fashion Week, he promises to present more unusual prints and textures for our own perusal. However, we know that these changes will come without a compromise on the delicacy of his artwork. After all, in a time when the world is seeing a mess of splashes and slashes, a Daniel Yam piece is like a welcoming gentle breeze that will blow you away with its soft persuasion.