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Undesirable Property in Post-Foreclosure Can be Profitable
by Judson Voss. We love the ugly and awful.~Andy HellerThere are all kinds in real estate investment. All kinds of real estate investors, all kinds of deals and all kinds of property to make a deal on. You'll definitely find that having all kinds in this business...
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To Stop House Foreclosure or Not?
by Aubrey Clark.To Stop House Foreclosure or Not? by: Aubrey Clark It's an epidemic that hasn't been seen since the great depression; houses are being foreclose
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Buying A Home After Foreclosure
by Ajeet Khurana. It's true; foreclosure is the worst that can happen to a person financially. It is like starting over from page one and having to climb your way back up the ladder of buying power all over again.Many people believe that this is the end for them and ...
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Buying Foreclosed Homes for Sale: Finding Savings
by philip smith. If you're considering buying a new home for your family or making a real estate investment, don't let the high costs deter you! Even though it's a tough time for many families financially, there are all kinds of opportunities for discounted home pur...
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Buying Foreclosure Homes: the Best Real Estate Values
by philip smith. Buying new real estate can be daunting for anyone. You always want to make sure you're making a good investment, especially given the shaky state of real estate. Low property values and a very sluggish market are enough to make anyone think twice be...
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Secrets to a Successful Real Estate Foreclosure
by Robert Lam.The Successful Real Estate Foreclosure Investor's Secret Weapon Technique by: Robert Lam We're all taking a hit to our wallets--gas prices, insu
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The Greatest Secret of Foreclosure Is Overage
by Dave Dinkel. Possibly one of the best kept secrets in the foreclosure industry is "overage". Overage is the amount of money left over after a foreclosure auction when the buyer has paid more than the lender"s final judgment. This money can be as little as a fe...
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Focus on Foreclosure Niche in yor Real Estate Investment
by D.C. Fawcett. The opportunities that exist in the foreclosure niche are huge right now and they are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. This is spurred by the increase in foreclosure rates across the country being led by Californi...
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Pros and Cons of Foreclosure and Pre-foreclosure Investment
by Robert Lam.The Pro's and Con's of Foreclosure and Pre-foreclosure Investing Every Smart Investor Should Know by: Robert Lam Before you dive into the exciti
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Method of Receiving Funding for Foreclosure Investments
by Robert Lam.Little Known Method of Receiving Funding for Foreclosure Investments by: Robert Lam Private funding can pop up in unexpected placesMoney may not
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New York Foreclosure Listings for Big Savings
by philip smith. New York foreclosure listings, New York foreclosures, foreclosure listings in New York, foreclosures in New York, New York repo homes, New York foreclosure homes, New York foreclosed homes, New York cheap houses, New York forclosures, New York prefo...
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Affordable Homeownership Through Texas Foreclosure Listing
by philip smith. While property values in many areas of the country are low these days, that doesn't necessarily mean that buying real estate for good prices is simple. With the market as sluggish as it is, the economy moving towards recession, and the future of hou...
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Florida Bank Foreclosures: Real Estate Savings in Paradise
by philip smith. Just because open market home prices in the sunshine state are high doesn't mean you can't afford to own a beautiful home or vacation property here. Rather than buy standard market prices on condos, apartments and homes, exploring your options for b...
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Saving on Foreclosures in an Unsteady Market
by philip smith. We've all read the headlines, we've all heard the news, and in fact it's been almost impossible to avoid hearing about the current state of the real estate market. With property values low and stories arising about inflated values losing investors h...
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How You Can Get Started Investing in Bank Foreclosures
by DCFawcett. Tampa, FL - There has been a lot of talk in the media about the real estate investing market and the increasing number of bank foreclosures. The media is showing a negative outlook on the real estate market because they are saying that home sales ar...
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Buying Foreclosed Homes and Making the Best Investments
by philip smith. If you're considering buying a new home, it can be a difficult time to buy on the open market. Property values are very low in many locations, but with the market bottoming out and an unstable economic future on the horizon, it can be quite difficul...
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Profiting From Foreclosure Properties at the Auctions
by Robert Lam.Profiting From Foreclosure Properties at the Auction in Today's Market by: Robert Lam Properties that are not sold during pre-foreclosure inevit
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Important Tips When Investing in Foreclosures
by Robert Lam.Three Essential Resources for Investing in Foreclosures for Today's Crazy Marketplace by: Robert Lam If you decide to invest in foreclosure prop
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Focusing on Home Foreclosure in Real Estate Investment
by DCFawcett. The opportunities that exist in the foreclosure niche are huge right now and they are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. This is spurred by the increase in foreclosures across the country being led by California and Florida. Focusing on home forecl...
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Finding Foreclosures
by Benjamin DeBell. Foreclosures are homes that are being sold because the previous owner failed to make mortgage payments. When finding foreclosures, though, it is easy to run into problems - outdated listings, lack of information and homes in very poor shape. That's ...
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Make Great Real Estate Investments with Foreclosure Listings
by philip smith. Find a truly good deal on real estate often means much more than simply buying for the best price. While cost is certainly part of the equation, buying homes with the best potential for future value as investments is just as important. A lot of peop...
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Buy a Foreclosure
by Synapse India. When a person fails to pay the installments on their mortgage or a loan for which his home was taken as collateral, his home can be a subject matter of home foreclosure. It also indicates that the home needs to be sold at considerably below market p...
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Increasing Foreclosures Homes in U.s
by Synapse India. According to recent news reports from Reuters, home foreclosures in United States for January 2008 has soared upto 57 percent from the last year's data. However this growing pace of home listing is presently at halt in response to private and govern...
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What are the Causes of the High Rate of Foreclosures?
by DCFawcett. In the first half of 2007, sub prime loans made up 54 percent of the loans starting foreclosure. In the last half, sub prime loans will make up 60 percent of the foreclosure starts. According to the Mortgage Bankers ...
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3 Tips on How to Buy Foreclosures for New Investors
by Aubrey Clark.3 Tips on How to Buy Foreclosures for New Investors by: Aubrey Clark National home sales rose 2.9% in February giving hope to the nationwide slu
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