4 Things Every Crab Lover Should Know

Crabs can be considered as a national favourite dish. Steamed crabs, chili crabs, salted egg yolk crabs - there are plenty of ways to enjoy them. But how many of us actually know the ins and outs of ordering a crab, or if we are really getting the most of our dollar? 

It's time to know your crabs.

1. Know What You Want
Do you absolutely love indulging in some thick, juicy crab pincer meat? Or is the chalky flavorful crab egg what you are after? Know what you prefer and you will be able to get just that.
Ask for a male crab if you wish to feast on thick juicy pincers, as female crabs have smaller pincers. As for the eggs, yes, only the female crabs have them.

2. Know Where Your Crabs Are From

The best restaurants in Singapore only serve the biggest, baddest crabs. Their crabs are usually flown in directly from Sri Lanka. 
So the next time you decide to feast on crabs, make sure the place you head to serves Sri Lankan crabs. You don't want anything lesser its thick, sweet, fleshy goodness. Other crabs like flower crabs are susceptible to shrinkage when cooked. 
Avoid the major disappointment of prying open a huge pincer shell to only find a tiny tiny piece of crab meat.

3. Know Which Stalls Are Value For Money
It's true that once you go across the border, practically everything is at half price. However, contrary to popular belief, the crabs over at our neighboring country isn't as value for money as the ones in Singapore. This is because they often serve flower crabs instead of Sri Lankan crabs. 
Malaysian seafood places often serve flower crabs instead of sri lakan crabs, which have to air-flown fresh from the source. Flower crabs there are caught from within the country, and are smaller in size, thus their prices are seemingly lower. Go for the bigger ones! You will not regret it.
4. Know How Fresh Your Crabs Are
Once you know how to tell if the crabs served are fresh, you will be able to return to that particular store with a peace of mind for some barbaric feasting.
A chef let us in on his personal method of finding out if the crabs are fresh. Take a bite of the crab meat check if the meat is thick, and chew it to see if the meat is 'springy' and not watery. If it is, you've hit jackpot! 
*This is also a good way to tell if you have been cheated. DO NOT RETURN IF SO.
Now, you are truly a connoisseur of crabs. Get cracking (those shells) & feast away! 
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