4 ways to digest your food faster

Have your dinner? Wonder how do you digest your dinner faster?

Before people receive the benefits from food, the food has to digested and absorbed into their blood stream. If food is not absorbed into the blood stream, it will be stored as fat.

In this case, people should want to eat their food in a way that will help the digestive system function well. The faster food is digested and absorbed; the less weight gain there is, and the better health you will be in. 

1. Do not sleep after meals 
Sleeping will stop the process of digesting which will turns food into fat.

2. Chew food slowly
The saliva and small portions of food will help the digestive system breaks food apart quicker.

3. Eat fruits daily
 Fruits contain enzymes and other substances which will help the digestive system works properly.

4. Sit down
Contary to popular belief of taking a walk immediately after dinner, the best way for the digestive system to function is by sitting down. People should not be doing anything that could cause the digestive system to slow down.