It’s all about being flirty, feminine and exclusive. Bringing in brands from Australia , Singapore , New Zealand and the UK , Felt is the haven for all fashionitas. Be it the bold colours, the rare designs or the too-sinfully-sensual clothes, Felt’s understated elegance is irrefutable. The young boutique is catered solely for the individualistic women, who have a sense of class with a fashion-forward outlook.

The stylish concept of the store adds on to its vogue factor. Almost luxurious with hints of zen, the boutique comes complete with its own runway. Intimidating at first, but the rows of amazingly cutting-edge threads beside it, will be more than enough to entice you to bravely go where only the Heidis and Giseles of the world can strut confidently. And of course, if you have never been to a high-energy catwalk show, this is your chance. The interesting touch of hanging mannequins, instead of just displaying them like other shops, gives this quaint boutique a fashion festival feel. Every girl will feel like a superstar here. The ambience is all set to get you into the mood for the pleasures of shopping.

Some of the designers brought in by Felt include Hansel, Singapore’s own answer to Anna Sui with its quirky yet girlish designs, Australian Olga Berg and her collection of divine bags and accessories, and Paablo Nevada’s come-hither collections, made opulent with his choice of chiffon and satin. In line with their philosophy of only featuring the best, Felt will also highlights the fashion vision of local brand, Iyna Haava. Sure, some of these augmentations may come with a slight splashing of the dollars, but that’s a small price when you consider the fact that you will not blend in with the rest of population.

Felt offers the perfect solution for those nights when you feel the need to sizzle, without fizzling at the thought of your own carbon copy. It’s ideal for the discerning socialite, right down for the students looking for the perfect prom dress. If you’re one who dresses to impress, or will want to have the ‘commanding’ effect the next time you head for that oh-so-classy cocktail affair, then chances are, you have stumbled onto a gem. All you need now is your own handsome stranger.

Felt Boutique, Tel: 68373393
Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi