Girlish indulgence has never been more pink. Set in a quaint yet fully feminine little store, it will make the guilty pleasures of your weekly or monthly manicure and pedicure sessions all the more relaxing. Come prepared for a feasting of pink and purple explosion, with curtains hanging all around, lush velvet walls plus crowns and wands decorating the rooms. With the theme of frilly princess already in motion, the services will be a treatment so royal that you will be able to forget about your worries and know that you will leave with pretty nails!

Customer pampering there begins with the teas offered for everyone who walks in. Though very modest in their marketing, the salon sees a handful of young executives and students walking in, on top of their steady stream of loyal followers. Not hard to imagine considering the friendly staff who will service you like the princess that you have always wished to be. To top it up, you will be given a choice of DVDs which you can watch on their portable players, top quality nonetheless, while your fingers and toes get the resplendent pampering they need. After all, princesses are never seen with beaten heels and worn out nails! Services include the Longevity Ginseng Pedicure Treatment, which will exfoliate, mask and steam your feet in ginseng-spiced water, and the Oriental Japanese Pedicure spa. This treatment will reconnect your footsies with the benefits of green tea.

And if you’re into nail adornments, the Princess Room is a specialist in this art that is all-the-rage in Japanese culture. Their Ultra 3-d nail art will emboss your fingers with pieces so real, that they literally will stand out from your nails. This is the perfect option for events where you feel the need to be different. Other than that, their manicure services include the normal French manicure that will make your tips look elegant and stylish.

Besides just nails, the salon also specialises in other beautifying treats such as eyelash perming and waxing. Eyelash perming will curl your lashes such that you don’t need to resort to the curlers before applying your mascara. This sure will save you a lot of time and money, considering it costs only $38. Even their nail services are pretty reasonably priced as compared to those in the markets. It’s a small price to pay for those days when you know you will feel frustrated trying to achieve professional results on your right hand, using your left as the painter.

Known as a certified nail academy as well, they hold courses for anyone who is interested in learning this really intricate-yet-colourful skill. Students have the options of taking a one-day course on a weekend or a 2-day course on a weekday. And classes are kept small so that more personal attention will be given. This, also, is keeping in mind the fact that nails are very small in size, and thus will make it harder for them to teach a bigger class.

Nail art is fast becoming a trend in Singapore , with a large group of women and girls alike being addicted to it. Nails are now considered as one of the essential marks of proper hygiene and grooming. With the many markers that it can inculcate into your lifestyle, then you will be more than glad to have a place like the Princess Room around.

The Princess Room Nail Couture
Tel: 6278 1592