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Ice Fishing for Walleye
by Daniel Eggertsen. One of the first steps to successful wintertime walleye fishing relies on understanding weather figures into the equation just as it does in the summer. Another essential tool is lighting conditions. Walleye go into frenzy over low light settings. T...
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Preparing for Sea Fishing Trips
by Daniel Eggertsen. Whenever you decide to take a sea fishing trip, you have essentially two main options. The first is to embark on your own fishing trip, in which you are in charge and operate your own craft. This option is usually chosen if you already have your o...
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Hiring a Crappie Fishing Guide
by Daniel Eggertsen. When selecting a guide you need to first determine just why you are hiring a guide. Is it solely to catch a large amount of fish? Are you after one large trophy bass or continuous action from smaller fish? Do you want to learn how to fish better?...
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Louisiana Crappie Fishing Tips and Methods
by Daniel Eggertsen. Louisiana crappie fishing is some of the finest in the country. There are plenty of people that will tell you that this type of fishing is perhaps the favorite among many anglers in the region. That is a good thing and well deserved because the fi...
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Saltwater Fishing Lures - How to Choose
by Daniel Eggertsen. Choosing the best saltwater fishing lures for your next fishing trip can be a daunting task. A walk through the local tackle shop or browsing the pages of available options on the web can be overwhelming. Does it really matter what type of saltwat...
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Kentucky Lake Crappie Fishing
by Daniel Eggertsen. Crappie fishing is what you are planning. There is plenty to do and see throughout the country when it comes to crappie fishing. If you are one that is looking to enjoy Kentucky lake crappie fishing, the good news is that there are a number of gre...
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Poles for Crappie Fishing
by Daniel Eggertsen. There are generally two types of crappie fishing rods. There are bait casting rods and general long handled ones. The most obvious difference between these is that the bait casting rod is often a single handed rod and when handled the reel sits on...
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North Dakota Walleye Fishing - Best Spots/Tips
by Daniel Eggertsen. There are some great hotspots in North Dakota to fish for walleye. The leader in hotspots is Devil's Lake. It is the highlight of every angler's day. You can set out on Devils Lake and have a good catch before coming ashore. Many anglers are talking...
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Walleye Fishing Equipment - What Gear Is Necessary
by Daniel Eggertsen. There are many things for a walleye angler to have when planning that fishing excursion on the hunt for the walleye. Rods, reels, and tackle come to mind. A boat, motor, electronics and ice fishing equipment are needed if you are going to be boat fi...
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Montana Walleye Fishing - Best Spots/Tips
by Daniel Eggertsen. No one really knows the history of walleye in Montana, but the news is getting out fast. Montana has some great areas for walleye fishing. The hotspot is Fort Peck Reservoir. The other area that you find anglers looking for walleyes is Bighorn Lake....
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Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing? you Decide
by Craig Mumby. Does barometric pressure affect fishing? You decide...By Craig Mumby One of the biggest questions these days is whether or not barometric pressure
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Trout Fishing on Maligne Lake: Secrets Revealed........
by Craig Mumby. Maligne Lake secrets revealed............. One of Alberta's most popular, but unforgiving lakes is Maligne Lake located in Jasper National Park. This la
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Crappie Fishing Basic Gear
by Daniel Eggertsen. There are some bare essentials that every crappie fisher needs: pole, reel (although truly optional I think you will want one), fishing line and a hook. I hope those are somewhat obvious but let us look at the basics first. Crappie poles are gener...
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Catfish Fishing in Texas - How to Catch Those Trophy Blues
by Daniel Eggertsen. Texas is a catfish-crazy state. The Lone Star State has loads of great rivers, streams and lakes, and you can find all kinds of fish in any one of them, including Mr. Whiskers himself. Catfish are found in almost every nook and cranny of Texas, so...
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Tips for Crappie Fishing Trips
by Daniel Eggertsen. Planning your crappie fishing trip means planning an outing where you will relax, enjoy the nature around you and get some great fishing in. When you are planning to make this the case, there are various things that you need to take into considerat...
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Fly Fishing for Catfish
by Daniel Eggertsen. If you ask any fly fisherman if he gets any catfish, he'll probably tell you that he sure does... accidentally! Chances are, he's targeting bass, trout or crappie and a cat gets snagged somewhere along the way. On the other hand, if you ask a catf...
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What You Need To Know about Bass Fishing Tournaments
by Daniel Eggertsen. Bass fishing tournament and expeditions are some of the most challenging but most rewarding experiences an angler will have. There are hundreds of tournaments that take place surrounding the country. Depending on the type of fish you plan to get, ...
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How To Dress For Winter Steelhead Fishing
by William Long. When I started fishing for winter Steelhead a few years ago, I had nothing. Until then, I was a "fair-weather" fisherman who didn't really know what cold was. Boy did I find out fast.I will never forget my first time out. I had just hooked up with a...
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Fishing in Lake Michigan
by Michael Rock. Fishing in Lake MichiganSeasons of FunEarly Fishing Season Fishing the upper bay offers many different types of fi
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Great Resources to Improve Your Bass Fishing Techniques!
by Daniel Eggertsen. There is much to be said for book learning, regardless of your age and background. Books can give you a great foundation in any art or information that you happen to be learning. However, they are underestimated when it comes to fishing. Most fishin...
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How to Haul in Bass When Fishing Rivers
by Daniel Eggertsen. A whole lot of advice can be said about fishing for bass in a river, but I speed through all of the best tips and tricks here in this article.Before taking into consideration anything else, keep in mind that bass do not do very well at all in very r...
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Fantasy Baseball - Taking a Full Swing
by Chris Campbell. Fantasy baseball, in all it's incarnations and iterations may seem a little unwieldy to the uninitiated, but it's really not that difficult to participate in, just requires a little time and persistence to get started. Many camps seem to have a myr...
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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Secrets
by Daniel Eggertsen. A lot of fishing techniques vary in efficiency depending on what type of fish one is aiming for, especially with bass.One bass in particular, the smallmouth bass, can be very picky at times, but careful attention to detail can have the avid and casu...
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How to Reel In Big Bass in Texas
by Daniel Eggertsen. We've been receiving a lot of questions asking me about fishing for bass in Texas, and it's no wonder why the state is so popular for fishing with its over 6000 reservoirs and almost 5000 square miles of inland water.Before you head off for a Texas ...
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A Quick Guide to the Delights of Austin Bass Fishing!
by Daniel Eggertsen. Austin in Texas is the bass fisherman's, or woman's paradise! There is an abundance of great pools, lakes and rivers in which to fish for a number of species of bass, and this is all those areas are focused on! The area seems to be dedicated to the ...
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